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A Snip Preview of The 2016 Infiniti QX80

2016-01-01 0

It can be correctly said that the 2016 Infiniti QX80 is Nissan’s grand entry into the SUV market. The car sums up luxury and impressive design. It features a longer wheelbase, enhanced styling, a large Read More


2015-12-21 0

In the near future, we expect to see flying cars; a dream of Americans since aviation commenced. There is a company called Terrafugia, based in Massachusetts, making car-plane hybrids. This hybrid is referred to as Read More

Google’s Android vs Apple’s iOS.

2015-12-20 0

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are both key players in the world of mobile operating systems. There are other mobile operating systems in the market like BlackBerry OS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, HP’s webOS but Read More

Online business and the legal concerns.

2015-12-14 0

Here are simple but yet technical steps to cover when venturing into the online jungle as an entrepreneur. Consider your URL As you get excited and enthusiastic about owning your own website and how it’ll Read More

Windows Phone Will  Be Ahead Of  IOS by 2016

2015-12-05 0

Marketing Research firm expects that windows mobile phone will surge as more Smartphones ship with Microsoft’s system than iPhones. International data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that Microsofts’ Windows Phone mobile operating system(OS) will sell more Read More

New Audio Technology in the SUV automobile.

2015-12-04 0

SUV drivers should brace themselves for the new Ford Explorer Platinum will be introducing into their line of production an exclusive Sony audio system with two industry-first technologies; these are : The clear phase technology Read More

How to Choose a Good Auto Mechanic

2015-11-13 0

If you don’t have an auto mechanic that you can trust, you will be much less likely to bring your car in to be serviced or checked out, even when you have an obvious problem. Read More

5 Great Alternatives To WhatsApp

2015-11-13 0

Every person holding a smartphone these days says “WhatsApp Me”. It’s a short way of telling their friends to Contact them or Text them Via WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp is a very famous and widely known Read More

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