10 Best Game Emulators For Android

Now that the Android technology has already dominated the mobile market, emulators on the other end are also taking a concurrent rise. You might be wondering if it is possible to play your old-time console games on your android device, right? The answer is YES! A number of emulators have already made a massive advent in the market hence satisfying the great gaming nostalgia that most people have.

Below is a list of 10 best emulators for your android device:

10. GBC Emulator

There is something very unique about this emulator that others do not feature. For those in search of an emulator that fully supports GBA and GB Games, this is the ultimate choice. The emulator is designed to support your favorite GBA games in full speed. The best part is that you can still save your game and continue at your own convenience. Not to forget, the emulator gives room for cheats hence making your gaming experience a superb one.

9. C64.emu

This stands as one of the most sophisticated emulators there is in the market. If your taste is too much into Commodore 64, this emulator can serve you best. It is ranked among the most stable in the aforementioned aspect. It is stable in the sense that it supports most formats without instigating any hitches. The emulator will certainly crown your android gaming experience.

8. Classicboy Emulator

It may not be so prominent as others, but the emulator has a lot of fun to offer. The very unique thing about the emulator is that it emulates a number of systems just in a single application. This means that the level of sophistication featured in the emulator is high. It is one of the emulators with general functionality though with slightly limited compatibility. The emulator works best for those with limited memory in their android phones but with the need for a broad emulator.

7. SNES9x EX+

Looking for a free emulator? Here you have one. SNES9x EX+ is one of the android emulators that go for free yet with a lot of features to complement your gaming experience. The emulator allows you to indulge in the gaming fantasy just the way you love it. The fact that the emulator supports bluetooth keyboards gives you the privilege to team up with your friends and enjoy a common game. This is definitely an emulator you might want to try.

6. PPSSPP Gold

You can either opt for a free version or this emulator or better still go for the purchasable one. Either option is bound to give you the best android gaming experience. You might be having innumerable PSP games at your disposal. If that is the case, PPSSPP emulator will certainly work for you. It is designed to run assorted types of games at varying speeds. However, the speed at which you will play a particular game majorly depends on the nature and performance of your android device. In a nutshell, there is a lot to enjoy while using PPSSPP Gold android emulator.

5. John NES

Users of this emulator are granted the privilege to enjoy top-notch rendering feature which is designed to facilitate flawless gaming. As a matter of fact, players enjoy gaming at incredible speed, thanks to the Fast Play Speed feature. What’s more, players can use cheats in order to maneuver successfully in the game. The resolution offered by this emulator cannot be compared with other low-quality versions. Clarity is a pure guarantee for those participating in gaming using this emulator. You can be assured of the best experience with this one-of-a-kind NES Emulator.

4. DraStic DS Emulator

Although the emulator is yet to be completed, the features which have been brought out already are a profound indication that there is something really interesting in store. When it comes to smooth game play, this emulator is definitely in the lead. ROM compatibility is also catered for fully. The nature of game controls is yet another advocating trait for this emulator. The only downside is that you will require a pretty hefty penny to get this emulator. However, you can be assured that everything is worth the deal perfectly.

3. MegaN64 Emulator

This is yet another emulator which goes with N64 versions. It may not be termed perfect, but its performance is generally good. It is actually considered to be the best N64 emulator there is in the market. The number of features that this Emulator has gives it a credit over others. It enables users to enjoy a crystal clear display while indulging in the best android gaming experience. The best part is that you can opt for a free version of MegaN64 Emulator. This implies that you will enjoy all the best experience without incurring even a single penny.

2. My Boy

There are a number of GBA emulators but this one stands unique in several ways. It is considered to be an ideal alternative to other low-quality GBA emulators due to the level of sophistication it features. To begin with, you will be impressed by the level of stability that this emulator has. It can work with different formats without any hitches in terms of performance. The number of options that the emulator has enables users to match their preferences completely. Above all, My Boy is fully customizable. The bottom line is that there are so many reasons why you should opt for aforementioned emulator.

1. Nostalgia.NES Pro

As the name goes, Nostalgia.NES Pro will definitely quench your gaming nostalgia, this time right in your android device. The prerequisite stability featured by this emulator is the core reason why you will want to try it out. Its broad compatibility is yet another reason to prefer this emulator over others. The virtual controller customization as well as the rewind function work collectively to complement your ultimate gaming experience. You can simply rewind your game to the point where you made some errors and make the necessary rectifications.