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10 Most Famous Websites Developed Using Drupal




Drupal is shifting up in the competition by building high trust and reputation among the top brands in the world. I have said this for a reason. Almost all of the top brands in the world have their websites made on Drupal.

The following list states how Drupal is the first choice of market leading brands from almost every industry in the world.

Tag Heuer


Tag Heuer, one of the oldest and reputable Swiss watch brand uses Drupal for its website. The award winning watchmaker found Drupal to be as precise as its world class watches. The website’s interface is as accurate as the watches that are made by the Swiss Brand.



Lamborghini is undoubtedly every car fanatic’s dream car and when it comes to speed, this brand surely knows how to take it to the max. Lamborghini’s website is sleek and classy, just like its cars. Well guess what? Its website is powered by Drupal and is as fast as a Lamborghini on a racetrack!


Operating government websites is a difficult task because these websites might host sensitive and classified information. When the government of the United States trusts Drupal for its websites, you can guess how perfect the CMS is for information security.



Magento is perhaps the most popular ecommerce application in the world. The official Magento website is powered by Drupal to make sure that it could handle the massive traffic it receives on daily basis. This is a perfect example of how one popular CMS supports another in a real world scenario!



When we talk about gaming, the first brand that comes to mind is GeForce, a very popular brand of GPU by Nvidia. It is Drupal’s glitch free performance that prompted Nvidia to prefer Drupal over the competition.



Be it electric cars or space shuttles, Tesla is well known for its emphasis on innovation and performance. Hence, when it came to their website, Tesla opted for Drupal because of its optimal performance and security. Indeed, Tesla is not willing to compromise on quality.





In any google search result list for Android related issues, AndroidCentral is among the top few positions. Given this, you could easily guess the high volume of traffic this website receives from Android users from all over the world. And, Drupal is perhaps the only CMS to handle this much traffic efficiently and without breaking the website.



Harvard, a very prestigious institution of higher learning chose Drupal for its website because of its high efficiency and well-planned website and content management structure. For the Drupal community, this is a rare honor indeed!




Docker is an industry leading software containerization platform that requires a powerful and efficient CMS for its official website. It is no surprise that Docker opted for Drupal. The result is a website with optimal performance and a user-friendly interface.




The official website of Walt Disney Corporation is a treat for children all over the world. To handle this massive attention and love, they opted for Drupal as the CMS of choice for their website. Today, the Walt Disney’s website entertains and amuses children without ever going down. Honestly, it is a treat to just visit the Disney Corporation website.


The common theme across the market leaders in all industries is a website powered by Drupal. In almost all instances, Drupal was chosen because of its reliability, security, extendible module based architecture, and the availability of wide range of popular Drupal modules. With these market leading brands in its client list, Drupal seems to be all prepared for the upcoming competition. Even though half of the internet is taken up with WordPress, the leading CMS, it seems that Drupal has all the big clients when it comes to acquisition.


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