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10 Solid Features To Upgrade To AEM 6.5




AEM 6.5

An updated version of Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 is Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 (AEM 6.5). This updated version is filled with brand new features that are being highly appreciated by customers all over the world. This new version of AEM provides improved features, serves the customers fine, provides customized services, and stabilizes the product in every possible way. It includes the AEM 6.4 SP4 releases as well. 

The release cycle began in April 2018. After having gone through 23 iterations that included the assurance of a good quality along with the fixing of the bugs etc. It finally came to an end in March 2019. Almost 1345 new enhancement features were included in this new version. Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 became available in the market since April 2019. 

This new version supports both JAVA 8 and JAVA 11. A lot many enhancements are added to make this version more efficient and user friendly. The sole motto behind the creation of this version was to create something more productive which can be worth the efforts and also so that the customer finds it easy to use. A lot much new permission management has been added to this version so that it can seek permission from the users before any activities. This version becomes more informative only when the users start scrolling. It limits the data supply and the users can relax a bit instead of getting confused. Also, the search options have been updated in such a way so that the search options provided are easy to access, and also it provides dynamic results. 

Myriad features are there which has made Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5 a huge success since the time of its launch. Learning AEM 6.5 is not only beneficial but also helps a user to complete their work faster and also efficiently. However, the top 10 reasons to learn AEM 6.5 are as follows: 

  1. Connected DAM (Digital Asset Management): You get a platform to store, organize, and retrieve the data that too provided by the DAM. The web pages are created with the help of the assets provided by AEM. It also allows you to make use of the assets in the form of a DAM that is connected to a different AEM. 

In such a case, two AEM instances can run parallelly. You  can work as a site author while the other can make use of the other assets and continue the work without any hindrances. Learning AEM 6.5 can, thus, be extremely beneficial. 

  1. Adobe asset link extension with AEM assets: This feature is extremely beneficial if you are into content creation. With the help of this feature, you can get hold of the right kind of assets that would ensure a calm flow of work in terms of the uniqueness of the creation of contents. Firstly, it is user friendly. You can use it without any difficulty. Logging in can be done with the help of your cloud credentials. The assets which are relevant for the users can be easily searched and is also easily accessible. 
  1. Integrated Adobe Assets with Adobe Stocks: All the high-quality 3D assets are easily available here. For example videos, templates, demonstrations, etc. All the high end licensed assets are available for the users. Thus, if you know AEM 6.5 then you have an unlimited access to data of high quality.
  1. Brand Portal Capabilities: This special feature allows the sharing of the assets with the partner without giving them access to the DAM. DAM can be published for reviews along with the campaign of the multiple channels. Sharing of the direct folders can be done with the help of external agencies with the assistance of the DAM. 
  1. Adobe Experience Manager SPA Editor: Suppose the project that you are working on needs SPA Editor, you may easily use it with the help of this feature. Here, websites can be created with the help of the SPA Framework and continue with the project without any hassle. 

It includes Operations like Publish, Copy, etc. This new version comes with the Page Editor which adds to the ability to edit contents sincerely. Here, a content fragment helps to create, read, and delete fragments.

  1. Smart Crop: Until the development of AEM 6.5, images for different images had to be cut according to the size of the screen. But it can now be easily cropped with the help of this. You don’t need to worry about editing or cropping the images. It can be done automatically in this version without any involvement of yours.  
  1. Visual Search: Visual images are thoroughly observed and scanned by this feature so that the search of the visual images through this can be done smoothly. You don’t need to struggle without a clue, checking the sites. 
  1. Headless Content Delivery: Creation and the delivery of the content has also been made easy with this feature. You can easily attach the fragments of the content without going through such a long and confusing procedure that used to be followed in the previous version. 

In short, Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 is an advanced and well-formed and developed web content management system (WCMS). As a result, it produces even better services. This version is famous for its user-friendly feature which kept on missing in the older series. The previous developments could not cater to the needs of the customers. The customers could now develop personalized and customized content. It could fill in the gaps that had been left by all those previous versions. People got exactly what was missing and therefore it immediately caught the attention of the customers. Hence, its popularity grew immensely. The user-friendly feature had been of immense help to the customers in carrying out various tasks that could not be done in the previous version. It focuses mainly on the requirements of the users and fulfills them accordingly. 

  1. Automated Form Conversion: A customer does not need to worry about the kind of device that is being used. The form conversion has now become automatic with the help of this feature. 

10. Reuse of workflow across multiple adaptive forms: With this feature, workflows can be reused and also can be adapted in multiple ways even if the workflow is the same. 

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