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10 Things You Can’t Put in a Storage Unit

Hugh Grant



When you are packing your storage unit, being aware of what you can and cannot store is vital. There are many things that should not be left in a storage unit for various reasons. Additionally, there are often facility rules and even laws dictating certain storage limitations. Violating a storage facilities rules/laws can result in unwanted fees, termination of your storage contract, or in some more serious cases, legal action. To help ensure you are within your storage contract, here are the 10 most common things you cannot put into a storage unit:

1. Living Things

This includes animals, plants, and even insects. Most live creatures require special care that a storage unit cannot provide, like food, water, exercise and attention. In addition, many facilities won’t allow any living things in the units to ensure health and safety of both the creature and other tenants in the facility.

2. Perishable Items

Storage units are not temperature or climate controlled, so perishable items like food can attract pests and cause spoilage quickly. This also includes any liquids that might corrode or damage other stored items, such as paint, cleaning supplies or oil.

3. Hazardous Materials

Any flammable, toxic or hazardous materials are strictly prohibited in storage units. This includes firearms, fireworks and ammunition. If you are storing any items that could be potentially hazardous to you and those around you, it should be put elsewhere.

4. Valuables

Valuable items like jewelry, money, credit cards, documents and other personal papers should not be kept in a storage unit. Security measures can vary from facility to facility, so it is best to not leave items of value that you cannot afford losing in your storage unit.

5. Plants and Plant Matter

Most facilities don’t allow any plants or plant matter inside the units due to the potential for pests and mold growth. Items like soil, compost, animal bedding and mulch should be stored elsewhere.

6. Explosives

Storage facilities have strict rules against storing any explosive materials in the units. This includes ammunition, fireworks, gasoline and other flammable items.

7. Vehicles & Motorized Items

The majority of storage facilities do not allow any motorized items inside the units. This includes boats, motorcycles, or cars and other vehicles. If you have a large vehicle that needs to be stored you should contact your facility manager for special instructions.

8. Drugs & Alcohol

Storing drugs and alcohol in storage units is prohibited due to legal reasons as well as security measures- most facilities have an age restriction for tenants, meaning minors are not allowed to access them.

9. Heat-Producing Items

Any items that produce heat, such as space heaters or lamps, are prohibited in storage units and can be a fire hazard.


10. Anything Illegal

Storing anything illegal is also not allowed in storage units. This includes stolen property, counterfeit money, or any other item that is illegal to possess.

Storage units are great spaces for storing extra items you don’t need right away but still want access to later on. With this list of 10 things you can not put in a storage unit in mind, you are now aware of what not to store and can properly pack your storage unit.

When in doubt, always check with your facility’s management to see what their regulations are for packing and storing items. This will help ensure you are within the standards and regulations set forth by the facility while keeping your belongings safe at the same time. Happy packing!

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