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When Aprilia ventured into the lucrative adventure bike market some years back, Miguel Galluzzi the main man behind the Caponord said, “We never wanted to make something big or something stuffed up like a pig, but all we ever wanted to give our customers was a simpler bike unique from the rest. It is a perfect sports bike. Let’s discuss it as it appears and have snip review of the 2016 Aprilia Caponord 1200 ABS rally for what it is.


The Caponord has the same triple headlights with the Tuono and RSV4, stipulates its sporty prowess. It features techno systems, 13 color matched storage gallons, Aprilia Cruise control, and Aprilia Dynamic Dimensions: Damping contouring with a dynamic standard stand.


• Fuel Tank Capacity:6.3 gallons

• Dry weight: 525 pounds

• Rake: 27.4 degree

• Length: 88.3 inches

• Width: 56.6 inches

• Trail: 4.6 inches


• Seat height: 33 inches


It constitutes of a modular construct frame while the central and subframe have tubular steel members. A cast-aluminum cheek plates bond the frames. The rear wheel is light due to the aluminum swing-arm that completes the body of this bike. The real-time road conditions are controlled and harmonized by the aDD controls suspension components, electronically controlling the compression and rebound damping making it a comfortable and suitable for any weather roads.


The Caponord is powered by the 90-degree 1,197cc V-twin mill. This mill spouts out 125 ponies geared by grunt of 84.6 pound-feet; this is enough power for hills and steep areas, not worried about cargo or a passenger. The electronic marvels hold together the suspension gadgets. Hub speeds are monitored by the Wheel sensors and the information relayed used to control and vary the injection and ignition timing. This protects the rear wheel from losing traction during an over speed. For all the bike lovers this one is suits best your biking needs.

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