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3 Sex Positions Perfect for a Vibrating Cockring

Ali Bajwa



A vibrating cockring is one of the most kinky sex toys on the market to not only add spice to men’s sex lives, but also their partners. A little secret about the vibrating cockring is that it not only provides stimulation for the male penis shaft but also has an added little piece that can stimulate the female clitoris during sexual intercourse.

This little pleasure bomb will provide mind blowing orgasms for both you and your partner. You may be wondering, but how? In this article, we are going to discuss the vibrating cockring and three sex positions that work well with it. Let’s get to it.

3 Sex Positions to Try With Your Vibrating Cockring

Now, let’s get to the sex positions selected that should go hand in hand with a vibrating cockring for ultimate pleasure. These positions will give ultimate stimulation to both of you, leaving you totally breathless and ready to snuggle up and fall asleep.

  • The Sexy Cowgirl. This is a super sexy position, where the male partner is lying down and she is on top of him, riding like a cowgirl. Add a vibrating cockring to this one and experience ultimate pleasure for both of you. With every move, the vibrating cockringwill stimulate both the penis and have access to stimulate the female clitoris for mind blowing pleasure.
  • Good Old Missionary. The good old missionary position can be done in a variety of ways for extra stimulation. Spread her legs or keep them closed, wear that vibrating cockring and give her the double orgasm of a lifetime. While your bodies are positioned for penetration, you have the right angle to stimulate both the penis and clitoris.
  • Deep Scissoring.With one leg flat, and the other raised to one side wide open, the male partner will position himself like a scissors. This position will provide the deepest penetration and add a vibrating cockring to the mix, and you will both be in absolute ecstasy.

Go ahead and give these positions a try if you already have a vibrating cockring. If you don’t have one yet, you should head on over to Sexy Pharmacy today and take a look at their selection. This is an investment to spicing up your sex life and bringing back that intimacy between you and your partner. What are you waiting for? Go add your vibrating cockring to the cart!

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