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4 Luxury Ideas for Important Anniversaries

Hugh Grant



4 Luxury Ideas for Important Anniversaries

In life, every once in a while, we come across big occasions that it feels important to get right – and this is especially true within a relationship. When you first get together, milestones like moving in together, getting engaged, and getting married, can feel really far apart – but once they’re all over you realise they were gone in the blink of an eye, and it becomes especially important to celebrate subsequent milestones like big anniversaries. But it can be hard to know what gifts to get one another – so we’ve made a list of ideas here to inspire you.

  • Amazing tech

Everyone has different interests, and especially for big occasions where it’s important to get a meaningful gift, it can feel even more difficult than normal to buy the right thing. One solution can be to look at what is popular in the wider world right now and pick something that is close to you and your partner’s interests – for example, technology is a big deal at the moment, and drones are quite common. Perhaps one or both of you is really into interesting technology, and would enjoy using something like an Avata drone as a hobby – this could be an amazing gift for a big occasion!

  • A luxury trip or shared experience

For something like a 10 or 20 year anniversary, why not look into enjoying a luxury trip? While extreme luxuries like private jet charter toronto might seem out of your reach, chartering luxury equipment can be a cheaper way to do it, and you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime to celebrate your commitment to one another. If a luxury trip isn’t for you or is out of your budget, you can still book experiences to enjoy together – for example, a weekend at a spa or a restaurant tour around your local city. You could even go wine tasting!

  • Something for the house

Though this is a more practical take, a big anniversary might be a great time to spend some money on something you’ve always wanted around the house – for example, electrical heating cables are a great home improvement which could improve your standard of living. Other options might include remodelling a room such as the kitchen or bathroom, or building an extension which you can both enjoy. This could be a great way to reward yourselves for your lengthy relationship and all the hard work that has gone into building your home over the years!

  • Timeless jewellery

Though this is a bit of an obvious idea, you can’t really go wrong with jewellery on a meaningful date – and for a big occasion you could really go all out with something like a Tiffany necklace or an eternity ring to acknowledge the importance of your love for one another. Classic pieces of jewellery stand the test of time, and are especially lovely gifts for those among us who love to dress well and go out – there’s nothing like a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewellery to offset the perfect outfit and give you confidence.

Getting the right gift is always difficult, but as a couple you can choose what’s right for you, and make sure you do something memorable for your milestone moment.

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