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4 Proactive Ways to Use Technology to Improve a Power Grid

Hugh Grant



4 Proactive Ways to Use Technology to Improve a Power Grid

The power grid is a critical part of the community, given how much we all rely on electricity. If the power grid goes down or has any sort of issue, so many repercussions can arise. Industry professionals have continued to work hard on improving the grid to minimize problems, and technology has played a key role in many advancements. Keep reading to learn about four ways in which technology can improve the power grid.

1. Smart Sensors

Just like our homes can be equipped with smart technology, so can the power grid. At home, you might have a smart device that can sense the temperature and any movement. The power grid can be set up with similar technology that allows for real-time monitoring of how things are going. A smart device can notify the management team if there unusually high demands are being placed on the grid. Some kinds of high-tech products can scan the system to detect faults. Armed with the information provided by these devices, a management team can then take action to prevent a major problem from occurring. It can be better to handle situations in a proactive manner as opposed to a reactive manner, especially when so much is at stake.

2. Predictive Analytics

Power grid technology can also allow utility companies to predict future needs. In particular, companies can gather historical data and use technology to analyze it. That analysis may reveal that certain conditions can lead to much greater usage. It can reveal possible weaknesses in the system and keep companies on track with maintenance tasks. They can stay one step ahead and lower the chances of major issues popping up.

3. Energy Storage

These days, there is a much greater focus on alternative energy sources. While companies can generate energy in a variety of ways, they still have to figure out how to store that energy and get it to customers when necessary. This situation can be figured out with the assistance of technology. In fact, technology is an essential part of the process. It creates opportunities for energy to be stored during surplus periods, and then when it’s in high demand, it can be distributed appropriately. When you consider how solar power is generated only during the day, you realize how important it is to manage energy.

4. Cybersecurity

With the advent of technology comes greater risk. It’s great that companies can utilize high-tech equipment for energy storage, delivery, and monitoring, but on the other hand, individuals who have their own high-tech equipment can engage in a variety of activities. Unfortunately, not all intentions are good. The power grid is vulnerable to both physical and digital attacks. Therefore, companies need to upgrade their protection measures. With more robust cybersecurity approaches, the grid can be better protected from anyone who wants to disrupt it. Technology allows companies to encrypt their information, detect potential attacks, and take measures to ensure safety.

Since we rely so much on the power grid, we can all appreciate that technology is improving the power grid in several ways.

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