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4 Tech Changes Boosting Property and Land Investments




If you engage in the world of real estate, these four tech changes could make your office life far more accessible.

The digital world is expanding to touch upon every aspect of our lives. You might even say that we already feel the effects of it everywhere we go. Digital technology is evolving to encompass every field, including property and land buying and selling. The digital has become past the point of affecting everything we do, and it is now a question of how much technology helps.

Tech is having a trickle-down effect in many places. For example, in publicly owned services, we finally see upgraded systems that have long since been outdated. Indeed, the pandemic has highlighted the need for refresher tech across multiple industries. One of those is in property and land investment.

Here are four tech changes we can expect to upgrade the real estate sector in the coming years.

The 4 Real Estate Tech Changes to Look Forward to

Digital technology has evolved so much in the last 20 years that we have gone from having landlines to having the internet in our pockets. Here is how that tech is due to influence real estate.

1 – Proptech

Those selling properties have started to name their software and hardware systems as ‘proptech.’ We use this term to cover the amalgamated IoT they use to get their jobs done. Realtors are in the middle of a proptech revolution, where the tech they need is finally reaching offices across the developed world. The technology could change sales from house and land packages Sydney to reality in Detroit.

Proptech refers to all the tech realtors use to make sales. Laptops, tablets, mobile phones. Mobile phones are becoming smart enough to replace your home office. They are already an essential tool used in estate agent offices around the world.

2 – Business Process Automation

Business process automation, including AI and robotics, is already here. However, the long wait for AI to help us with our workload has been brewing for generations. Now, it is finally becoming a reality – and that reality is slowly making its way down the trickling tower to real estate offices. 

Small processes can already be automated, data mining for analytics, filtering emails, answering, and directing calls. In the next few years, we will see this evolve into a cost-effective strategy for freeing up agents’ time.

3 – VR

Let us not forget VR and AR from this. If you have a pandemic that makes clients terrified of a house viewing, for example, both VR and AR allow them to attend still. In addition, you can upload walkthroughs of property and land, the4reby allowing customers to view properties without any harassment to the seller. 

4 – 5G

Sources tip 5G as being a big game-changer in property sales. The advancement of 5G networks means it will be faster, easier, and more secure to connect cameras and sensors around a property. This will allow for better images and the more straightforward creation of the VR/AR models we mentioned in point three.

Tech Will Reshape Realty

Technology has changed the way we do everything else. A few more years and real estate will transform.

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