4 vital tips on how to implement eco-friendly printing

It’s really no secret that we are not only wasting paper, but also cutting down a large number of trees to satiate that very need for more and more paper by the day. Out of the many things that have entered our daily conscience, the act of wasting paper is certainly one of them.

Whenever we have to get something printed, we always tend to ask ourselves “Is it really necessary? I’m sure that it can be sorted out over the net by email”. Well, in most cases you wouldn’t be wrong, but in a few instances, paper is very much needed.

In spite of the need, we do feel a tad guilty at times. After all, within a certain time period of the concerned work getting done, that piece of paper is going to be worth nothing, thus leading to  it being thrown into the nearest dustbin. So what does one do, in this particular scenario?

Well, luckily for us, there is a middle ground that can be achieved where you can eco-conscious and save on printing costs as well as get your necessary paperwork done as well. Here are a few tips on how to go about it :-

  • An efficient printer: In this regard, you might just want to keep a close lookout on printers that specifically carry the ENERGY STAR label in particular. These printers and the like, earn the label by meeting all of the stringent energy efficiency requirements.

    Also, another really good way to reduce paper wastage, would be to look at different printer models and compare the per-page print cost specifications. That way, you will be able to find out which models use the least amount of ink or toner cartridges, thus making sure that you save your money and reduce your waste.  

  • Printer settings: Although this is an important aspect, most people tend to overlook its importance. Something as (seemingly) insignificant as the proper print mode and correct font can actually reduce the amount of ink and toner use. In this regard, you can even set your printer to the proper settings, reserving the higher quality printing to documents that need to be sent out of office.

  • Be wise about buying paper: In this regard, be sure to choose paper with high recycled content or even sugarcane-based paper, for that matter. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) look into the forestry practices of the company in order to make sure that all the wildlife ecosystems as well as soil and water remain protected and are not exploited in any way.

  • Remember the 3 R’s: The 3 R’s, namely reduce, reuse and recycle are of the utmost importance and relevance. A simple thing like always recycling the units whenever ink or toner runs out, can go a long way. Even scrap paper can be used to jot down reminders.

If you are still wary regarding how exactly to go about the process of eco-friendly printing, you’d be wise to look for printing services that have the provision of eco-friendly printing. It could be from Manchester printing services or literally anywhere.

Even if you’re not eco-conscious, it is high time that you figure out how wasteful and destructive wasting paper is, especially in the long run. After all, it happens to be a basic requisite for each and every one of us. On that very note itself, we would do well to keep the basic aspects of saving paper in mind at all times.

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