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5 Advanced Car Technologies You May See Soon

Hugh Grant



As time goes on, car technology continues to advance beyond what anyone thought was possible just a few short years ago. New innovations with safety features, driver assistance programs and energy efficiency are just a few of the areas you can expect to see as part of the future in the automobile industry. Here are five of the much anticipated advances coming your way soon.


  1. Automated Parking Assist


One of the most dreaded parts of driving a car is parking. It can make even the most experienced of drivers nervous, especially when it comes to parallel parking on a busy city street. If you’ve ever thought, “I wish this car could park itself’, you might not have to wait much longer for that dream to become a reality.


Some car manufacturers such as Volvo, Hyundai, and Ford already implemented autonomous parking features in a few of their newest vehicles. In the future, car companies hope to offer features that will allow cars to completely park themselves in garages and other hard to get to spots, even without a driver behind the wheel.


  1. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication


Although this technology has been around for a few years in some form, expect vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) to really take off in this decade. V2V allows cars to wirelessly exchange information on speed, location, deceleration and direction in order to bring awareness to other drivers and potentially avoid collisions and other accidents.


Imagine the possibility of cars communicating to each other in order to prevent car crashes and the lives this technology could save. So often, car accident injury lawyers are able to help people after the fact, but preventing the accidents in the first place would be ideal. Unfortunately, for the technology to work to its full potential, all vehicles on the road must be equipped with V2V. 


  1. Interior Monitoring Technology


First introduced to the world by Kia Motors, the idea of monitoring a driver’s emotional and physical states in order to make driving easier and safer for each individual is expected to take off in the next few years.


Scanning devices are able to pick up and relay information to the driver about their stress level, anxiety, or even if they’re distracted driving and send an alert on what adjustments should be made. More and more companies are getting excited about the possibilities for this feature, so it should be available from other companies very soon.


  1. Automated Emergency Braking


This is another technology that’s already implemented in many cars today. However, it works best when combined with the V2V communication systems and the potential won’t be fully recognized until every car on the road has the features. 


Automatic Braking Technology alerts drivers to other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists that might be in danger of being struck and potentially preventing thousands of accidents each year. With the emphasis on safety right now, expect car companies to make this feature widely available once it’s perfected.


  1. Autonomous Driving


Perhaps the most anticipated technological advancement to the driving world is fully autonomous vehicles, but it’s also the feature that is met with the most skepticism. Many people are nervous about turning over full steering and braking control to a 2000 pound machine, nevertheless car companies like Tesla have been testing the concept for a little while now.

Car companies like Magna, NAVYA, Waymo and Volvo have tested vehicles with Level 4 automation, which can operate in self-driving mode up to 30 miles per hour. However, Level 5 automation, which would require zero human attention for operating the vehicle, is still a few years away for the general public.

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