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5 of the Most Expensive Laptops in the World




In this high tech world, there is always something that is newer, better and bigger. Laptops are a booming business and many types of laptops are available on the market. Prices of laptops vary according to amount of storage, power, Mac or PC and security features.

Below is a list of the most expensive laptops that have ever found their way in the market. Although most of us are satisfied with a laptop that can hold a huge iTunes library and many emails, these laptops come with glamour and glitz.

  1. VoodooEnvy 171

Voodoo was a luxury laptops brand that was owned by Hewlett Packard , costing $6,500. The laptop was mainly viewed   as a “work station” since it was geared towards designers and engineers.   On top of the high specs provided with this laptop, you could also  chose your own paint job and add a tattoo, distancing  it from the rest. Since 2012, Voodoo is no longer manufacturing this product.

The laptop main features include a Core 2 Extreme CPU, 4GB of RAM, a Dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 graphics chipset, and a hard drive size of up to 600GB

4: Ego for Bentley ($20000)

Ego of Bentley is not only a beautiful laptop but also expensive due to some of its features which make it rare in the market. This machine is handmade and its casing made of authentic Bentley diamond stitched leather. Full frame of this laptop is made up of gold.

The laptop boasts of a 64 bit CPU for 64 bit Vista and 160 GB HDD.

 3:  MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold

This is among the most beautiful and expensive laptop in the universe. It is made by a company that make high profile iPhones, gadgets, gaming device and smartphones which is none other than Apple. Apple devices and products are most loved, demanded and praised by users. This laptop is so amazing and its logo of Apple is decorated by diamond. No doubt, this is the reason why this type of laptop is rare in the market, and cost $ 30,000.

2: Tulip E-Go Diamond ($350,000)

This is a high profile laptop with fascinating specifications. The laptop is made of plates of pure white gold that is beautifully coated with large amount of gold. Gold and diamond gives the laptop a magnificent look. The laptop’s logo is made of beautiful cut ruby.

The Tulip Ego includes an AMD Turion 64 single core processor, a 12.1-inch WXGA widescreen,   and 1 gig of memory, DVD-RW drive, 80GB drive and DVD-RW drive.

1: Luvaglio ($1,000,000)

This is the most expensive laptop in the history of laptops. It has upgradeable hardware and software with configuration 122 GB hard drive, embedded USB stick, MP3 Player and automatic display cleaning system.


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