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5 Overlooked Details To Make an Event Run Smoothly

Hugh Grant



5 Overlooked Details To Make an Event Run Smoothly

Organising an event is a stressful business, especially when it’s a large scale event. There are a few things which it is easy to overlook, but which are important to make sure you cater for your guests the best you can.

  • Ensure efficient, clean catering

The food isn’t the only important consideration when you’re providing catering at an event, and it’s important to consider the safety and cleanliness of the operation as well. For example you may want to look into using a hood cleaning service or a temporary kitchen installation service who you can trust to provide a safe, efficient service so you can focus on providing a great menu for your guests.

  • Provide the right entertainment

Every event needs a main attraction, and it’s important to provide the right one, and it depends on the kind of event you’re throwing. For an event celebrating local artists then you might want to book a successful local band, or an art based event might want to have a masterclass from a known artist or a central exhibition. For a business event, you may want to click here to have a look through a selection of multiple motivational speakers to ensure you’re providing the right material for your guests.

  • Keep people comfortable 

One thing that can easily fall by the wayside is problems such as temperature control, which may not sound very important but if you’re in any kind of climate which isn’t mild, then you need to ensure your guests are comfortable. If they are sitting there sweltering hot or freezing cold, they won’t get as much as they want to out of the event – so making use of technology available from companies like or air conditioning solutions is an essential part of doing the best you can for your guests.

  • Provide transport where necessary

If your venue is easy to navigate and reach, then this step may not apply to you and your event, but if there’s any difficulty then it’s best to at least provide the option of transport from a nearby, easily accessible spot or at least recommend a good taxi service. People are often willing to make an effort for an event they’re excited about, but it’s good practice to ensure that it’s as easy for your valued guests as possible.

  • Don’t keep your schedule too tight

Whether you need to use scheduling software or prefer a more analogue style of schedule management, it can be tempting to make your planned timetable a little bit too slick and close running. No matter your best intentions, the people on your schedule will inevitably run over their time slots for whatever reason, and it’s important to account for this. It’s also important to allow attendees time to make it comfortably from one event to the other. There’s nothing like having to rush to ruin a great day, and attendees should be able to grab a quick cup of coffee or pop for a bathroom break before they arrive at their next event.

Organising an event is stressful, but if you do it right it can pay dividends – and ensuring you keep on top these 5 things will help make sure it’s a great success.

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