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5 Phases of Arctic Bearz NFT That You Should Know About

Jim Bevin




Arctic Bearz is a new NFT in the IMX platform that helps to protect endangered animals. Crypto experts feel that it has the potential to rock IMX and may beat the other NFTs to become the best NFT on the platform. The founders want to bring climate change into the limelight in the crypto industry. They believe that this NFT would allow them to save thousands of endangered polar bears that are almost on the verge of becoming extinct due to the adverse effects of climate change.

Phases of Arctic Bearz

The founders will launch 3500 Arctic Bearzs soon and also have plans to get a limited supply of female bears in the future. How will everything work out? Zakius and Carter, the founders of Arctic Bearz, and Lewis, the crypto enthusiast, have divided the journey into five phases. 

  • Phase 1

This is the phase where the journey of Arctic Bearz begins. It will soon take over various social media platforms, such as Discord, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. The founders will start their marketing campaign in this phase and spread the word about saving endangered animals to NFT enthusiasts. They would listen to recommendations from future Bearz and may implement some of the critical points to make the community better and ensure that the NFTs last for a long time.

  • Phase 2

In Phase 2, the developers will first open 100 whitelist spots followed by 250 more spots. These spots will go to early members or buyers of the NFT, members who actively participate in the community, winners of Twitch liver stream, and many more. If you want to participate in the community, you should keep an eye on the updates posted on Arctic Bearz’s social media handles. This phase will also see the pre-sale and public launch of Arctic Bearz, one of the most-awaited NFTs of the year.

  • Phase 3

The founders will distribute polar bear adoption packs to the first hundred members. They will also launch a Gobi Bear channel for Arctic Bear Owners. This phase will also include giveaways to the Discord community, the opening of Arctic Bearz’s online gallery, and donating 5% of the entire proceeds to the WWF.

  • Phase 4

In this phase, one lucky winner will get a gift of $10,000 from Arctic Bearz. The founders will also launch their female polar bears NFT called Cubz. They will also start an Arctic Bear Newsletter to keep members updated about the whereabouts of saving polar bears around the world. Arctic Bearz founders will unveil their second stage of the marketing campaign.

  • Phase 5

The last phase will involve developing, marketing, and launching Arctic Bearz merchandise that will link to the site’s custom shop. 25% of the proceeds from the sale of merchandise will go to the WWF charity. The founders also have plans to organize its very-first VIP event for the supporters and holders of this NFT.

It’s not often that you come across an NFT that cares for endangered animals. Arctic Bearz does. And that’s why it has created so many headlines in the NFT industry even before the founders have come up with a launch date.

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