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5G Devices Market Outlook 2027, Latest Development & Leading Manufacturers

The introduction of 5G is expected to drive significant new opportunities for smartphone manufacturers, thanks to rising interest among consumers and application developers alike. 5G technology will enable ultra-high speeds, and enable various new applications with the help of internet of things. The growing adoption of connectivity, digital applications, and wearable technology is also expected to drive growth for players in the 5G devices market. Moreover, up gradation of existing supporting infrastructure including modems, towers, and other supporting infrastructure will present major opportunities for new players. The growth of 5G devices market is expected to drive significant opportunities as adoption of 5G technology has received positive signals around the world.

US, Apple, Huawei, and Intel – A Tale of Competition

Recently, US banned Huawei from operations in the US. The Chinese giant known for its advanced 5G equipment is also banned from cooperating with US companies. On the other hand, Apple also acquired the 5G division of Intel. Apple with its big pockets can benefit incredibly from the growth of 5G technology. It can also act as a competitor to Huawei in providing option to European markets.

While countries like Germany has sent positive signals in acquiring 5G technology from Huawei, the adoption has not materialised yet. the good news for Huawei is several US companies have applied for a license to work with Huawei. Among major companies that have expressed a desire to work with Huawei, Google is also present. This makes way for a possible adoption of Huawei technology across the US as well. The end to the trade conflicts, the on-going development of 5G technology, and growing demand in various sectors for 5G technology is expected to drive significant opportunities for players in the 5G devices market. sectors like Telecom, Automobile, banking, and technologies like 3D printing, virtual reality are expected to drive growth.

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5G Devices Market – Introduction

  • 5G technology is the next generation wireless connectivity solution that delivers faster and most secured wireless network to users. 5G technology will change the way users communicate, connect, compute, and control their connected devices, network, and services.
  • Smart device manufacturing companies are integrating 5G technology into mobiles, tablets, and other communication devices to increase performance through quality communication services and fast Internet services.
  • 5G devices manufacturing companies offer services such as fast document sharing, super secure hotspot, and controlled & secure connectivity to enhance customer experience
  • 5G technology is expected to be adopted by the commercial sector to increase the communication speed, better connectivity with employees, and connectivity with centralized system with Internet
  • Smartphone manufacturing companies are expected to adopt this advanced technology as next generation communication solution


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