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6 Innovative Ways to Use Technology to Win Your Legal Case

Hugh Grant



Attorneys often have to do a bit of investigating to present a cohesive case before a jury. Using technology can help an attorney gather together information that may sway the opinion of a jury, provide a better settlement for a client, or help with the organization of the case. The tips below offer insightful ways to use technology to win a case.

1. Social Media

Access to public social media accounts can help attorneys flesh out a case. For attorneys working on divorce cases with a component of domestic violence, knowledge of previous prosecutions and firearms restrictions can be important when reviewing firearms photos on Facebook.

2. Quick Access to News Updates

Laws can change quickly. If a particular legal case is impacted by pending legislation, ready access to immediate updates can allow attorneys to alter the trajectory of their advice or even within a trial. Setting up news notifications can be a simple way to stay on top of any breaking news that may impact your client and their case.

3. Deep Reviews of Older Cases

Much of legal action is based on precedent. The ability to do a keyword search and do deep dives based on former outcomes can speed up your trial prep. Keyword searches may be compiled while you work on another case so you can dig in and review the results at a later date.

4. Document Simplification

The ability to create templates is also of great benefit when filing cases and creating presentations for a judge. Because legislation changes quickly, the ability to quickly update your templates, including statutes and other nomenclature, is crucial to producing quick, accurate documents.

The creation of contracts can also be simplified with the right technology. If you are in the business of wills, estates or trusts, you will be generating a lot of documents with signature requirements. Easy updates to these templates and any amendments you need to generate will save hours for you and your staff.

5. Easy Capture of New Ideas Through Mobile Technology

You may leave the office with a legal puzzle to solve and come up with an idea on your commute home. Leaving yourself a voicemail is a simple way to capture your idea so you can flesh it out the next morning. The ability to capture new thoughts without having to stop and write them down increases flexibility for busy attorneys.

6. E-Filing Options

The ability to e-file documents, from taxes to mortgages, has greatly improved the ability of citizens to take care of business over a distance. Lawyers have access to these same e-filing tools and can quickly take care of challenges that might otherwise have bogged down schedules. For example, an out-of-state client can still sign their contract while on vacation thanks to e-filing.

Ready access to top-quality technology will speed up your work process and improve the service you offer to your clients. Even a small office can take on a great deal of work with the proper research tools, templates, and search habits.

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