6 Killer Tips to Buy Used Mobile Phones.

Everyone knows the importance of cell phones in today’s life. It’s has same vitality in our routines the eating and drinking possess. Life without mobile phones is of course outdated. But the best way to have a cell phone in this expensive era is to buy used mobile phones at lower rates. This would not only meet your need but save money as well. Yet one always is ambiguous while buying a used phone for might be concerns. Might be concerns about:

  • Mobile phone being purchased expensive.
  • Mobile functionality errors.
  • Hidden hardware defaults.
  • Seller being faked.
  • Even probable fear being robbed.

And so on…

These are most highlighted and common issues while one plan to or actually do buy used mobile phones. Here some general so far highly recommended and killer tips while buying a used mobile phones.

Selection of Mobile Phone

Always read review of different people on various websites before selecting any mobile. They can give you clear picture of what to buy and why to buy. See which of the mobile brands are famous these days and why. How they’re better than others. This comparison is crucial because you cannot decide without having knowledge of all the phones or at least short-listed-phones-to-buy.

What’s in it for You?

Having knowledge only about a cell phone to be bought is neither sufficient nor justified. You must see the most required thing in it for you. Let’s take a look at it by example:

For a girl, camera quality of a mobile is way important than android or iOS version, processor, RAM or any other thing. Common! We all know that how girls are fond of pictures and good pictures and better pictures and so on…! Body shape and color, sound etc. So they should go for some gadget famous for its camera quality like Samsung mobiles.

Similarly boys do prefer technical specs of a mobile. Android or iOS version, processor, kernel version, model specs. RAM, internal memory, network support, COMMS, software etc. so they might go for Huawei or iPhone. This is how cell phone should be decided on basis of requirements.

Market Research for Price comparison

Always do market research for price comparison before buying a used mobile phone. We have so many sites for price comparison of mobile phones according to their specs. After complete analysis of short listed models, you ought to see where this mobile is being sold or available on which site.

Finalize your Used-Mobile-to-Buy

After making a final decision of which brands mobile you would like to buy, you must select a site from where to buy it. A lot of classifieds websites are there showing used mobiles listings for all price ranges and brands. Contact the seller via e-mail, phone number or online messaging service, whatever method is given there and ask for price quotes as you can bargain on prices in case of buying used items especially on classifieds websites.

While Meeting in Person

While meeting in person, keep in mind few things. If it’s a shop and you are directly going to a regular vendor, it’s safer than meeting any random individual, apparently the risk of being theft is reduced this way. Be very careful as you can get robbed very easily. Of course you would carry cash for purchasing. In both the cases, use these tips to be safe and secure:

Meeting Place: Decide to meet at public place rather going to someone’s address or calling him at your address. In both the cases you can be in danger. You can decide some area in between of both addresses.

Mobile Check: Fully check the device before buying. See all the software, connect 3g or 4g or WiFi if possible to see its speed. Don’t forget to double check it RAM by running more than few apps together. It will clearly show its capacity. There are some other ways to check it as well which will be discussed in our used mobile buying guide later. Use it 3 – 4 hours to see battery usage if you have time. Its recommended to stay there to examine it otherwise you can get deceived.


  • Don’t go alone. Keep someone with you, as 1 + 1 = 11.
  • Don’t keep extra cash with you, except required for payment.
  • Don’t make full payment before full satisfaction of mobile being alright.
  • Be careful of surroundings. Go away instantly cancelling the deal if you see anything unusual happening there. This might make you pay in form of losing your money or even anything else you or your partner has.

Though not all, but few of them might help you a bit. If it does anyway, the purpose of sharing this knowledge will be fulfilled J

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