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6 Scenarios To Use Technical Translation Services

Adriaan Brits



Technical Translation involves a great deal more skill and qualification than just simple translation. A qualified technical translator will need a high level of expertise in the particular field or niche the technical translation is required in. Unlike literary translations which require a more creative skill, the task of translating complex scientific and technical documents is arguably even more challenging for technical translators

As most technical translations are needed for the scientific and technical industries, data-based research, reports, guidebooks and journal articles must all be translated accurately, as their complexity requires a precision and professionalism that must present a perfect match with the original. The use of a well-reputed technical translation agency is always the best way to avoid mishaps, misunderstandings and legal troubles. 

Here are 6 scenarios to prove that using technical translation services is not only highly important, but also necessary:

1. Contracts 

Contracts can be very lengthy and wordy, often utilizing content and aspects of business processes that are super important between individuals, projects, and companies. A bad technical translation job could mean the difference between winning or losing an unfortunate legal battle arising from a contract that happened to be in different languages. Having a trusted  expert translate this vital document will avoid any future mishaps.

2. Patents

Imagine inventing some new and amazing industrial machinery that makes the lives of human beings better, and then naturally wanting to make sure that the patent is owned by the right entity? Most patents must be legally set up in every country in the world that the invention will be used in, or the inventor stands to lose his intellectual property. Here’s where an expertly translated technical patent will ensure that there are no gaps for competitors to take advantage of. 

3. User Manuals 

There are few things more technical than a user manual for a complex product or service. With global trade opening up again, products from afar will once again make their way around the world to make production more efficient. One doesn’t even have to guess what would happen if a poorly translated user manual for a particularly complex piece of machinery made its way into the hands of factory workers. It could make for disasters of mass proportions.   

4. Product Descriptions

We’ve all had a good laugh at some of the descriptions found on products from foreign countries, so the trepidation of sending out below standard instructions and descriptions is very high. An excellent professional translation agency will have translators who understand the vocabulary and lingo of the industry AND will also bear in mind the intended audience.    

5. Health and Safety 

Many governments have rules and regulations which stress the importance of compliance for any technical services, products or processes. Having these translated professionally in the right language means that the company is protected against liabilities and remains knowledgeable about the requirements. People’s health and safety have been major global factors affecting all industries and all walks of life these past two years. It is best to be properly prepared with perfectly sound regulations in all possible languages.

6. Construction and Engineering

An entire construction site could be in danger or a building could literally fall down, if instructions are not in the most succinct technical language. Even if it’s in English, the data has to be spot on, or it could spell disaster. Making sure any technical translation work done by a professional technical translation agency is paramount to the success of any building project.     

What Technical Translation Agency to Choose?

The most important thing to consider when shopping around for a technical translation agency that will do a proper translation job, is to check on the caliber of clients they have had in the past. Because technical translation is really nuanced, scientific, and well, really TECHNICAL, companies like Circle Translations, who have been around for many years, and have frequent clients like Amazon and Electronic Arts, can probably guarantee a perfect translation. 

“It takes a certain amount of trust from the client, to give us the noble task of creating a document for them that will deliver on all the technicalities,” Julius Šakys, CEO of Circle Translations said. With that in mind, procuring the services of a well-reputed agency is definitely the way to go.  

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