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7 Steps to Successfully Build and Market Your Brand

Hugh Grant



As one of the most valuable assets a company has, branding can play a hugely significant role in a business’s success. However, successfully building and marketing your brand isn’t always as easy as some businesses make it seem. 

With this in mind, here are 7 pointers to get you started:

1. Be sure to identify your purpose

Falling in line with your company’s mission statement, your purpose should define a problem that you can solve, the reason why you exist, and why people should care. Highlighted in your messaging, content and taglines, your brand should give a clear insight into your purpose, and help your audience better connect with you. 

2. Thoroughly research your competition

While the last thing you want to do is copy what your competitors are doing, you do need to be familiar with it so that you can make what you’re offering, desirable to a similar audience. Research their customer reviews, social media posts and look carefully at the quality of their products and services to ensure your brand offers something different, and ultimately, better. 

3. Identify your target audience

By serving your audience in the best way possible, you can give your business a competitive edge, so it’s crucial that you accurately identify your target audience and consider such demographics as age, location, income and lifestyle when tailoring your messaging. 

4. Create a strong brand persona

Going further than identifying your target audience, creating a brand persona involves recognizing certain details about your ideal customer that enable you to better understand what motivates them, their goals, pain points and brand affinities. 


5. Design an incredible logo

No matter how creative you might be, designing a logo isn’t always as easy as it may appear, and involves so much more than simply writing your company name in bold, bright colors. Critical to helping you establish your identity; your logo will appear on all of your products and forever be associated with your company. Take the time to create a logo that will resonate with your target audience, and if necessary, seek help from a professional branding and web design company

Because this is such a vital aspect of branding, it’s usually a worthwhile investment to seek third party assistance. 

6. Create your own style

With your logo in mind, you’ll need to create a unique style that can easily be identified with your brand, and this typically means using colors, photos and typography that are consistent and which will tie your branding together. Your brand voice is equally as important, and how you choose to communicate with your audience can help your personality shine through.

7. Integrate your branding

Helping with brand recognition and audience engagement, you must now integrate your branding into everything your business does. From social media and business cards, to packaging, your brand, voice, and style should be seamlessly integrated into your content and all communications. 

Building and marketing your brand is a vital component of running a successful business, and even with a brilliant product or service, success may always be out of reach without a strong brand that customers identify with and enjoy interacting with. 

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