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A Guide to Choose the Best Mobile Phone

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




A mobile phone, mobile or cell phone, sometimes shortened to just cell, handphone or hand, and sometimes also known as a cell on wheels, cell phone on the bike, or cell on a skateboard maybe a portable phone that makes and receives calls via a short-range radio signal while the user is traveling within a selected telephone service region. These devices are generally small and are capable of providing voice and data communication at the same time. Some of these devices can even call and send text messages, depending on the type of connection being used. This type of mobile device is used for making calls and receiving calls while traveling in places where cell phones and other similar communications devices are prohibited, such as inside the car or in a flight.

Smartphones are among the first portable electronic devices that were ever introduced to the market. Today, there are various models and brands of smartphones available in the market. Each of them comes with unique features and capabilities, depending on the manufacturer and model. Some of the most popular models of smartphones include iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Apple. In addition, there are several other types of smartphones like PDA, palm preemptive, PC to Phone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, webcams, and digital cameras.

The technology behind these smartphones has changed drastically over the years. When they were introduced, feature phones provided basic phone features such as receiving and sending calls, making phone calls, and sending text messages. Today, feature phones have become much more advanced and offer a great deal of functionality, especially for the cost-conscious consumers. One of the most popular categories of modern smartphone is the smartphone or mini mobile phone.

Mobile Phone

Almost all modern smartphones are equipped with a microprocessor, RAM, storage, and internal memory, as well as a touch screen, camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies. One of the most popular features in today’s cell phones is GPS technology. Almost all modern smartphones have built-in GPS technology, which helps in finding directions, routes, or the nearest restaurant. In fact, today almost all cell phones come equipped with a GPS receiver or a base station.

Some of the most popular features in modern mobiles are the music player, games, and Internet browsing. Music players can be connected to a headphone jack to enable music listening while you are traveling. Games, on the other hand, can be played using a headset, as they do not use the screen for playing. The Internet browser, on the other hand, uses the screen to browse the web and download applications. Most people have a habit of reading emails and blogs while traveling and for this purpose, mobile phones with keyboards are highly preferred by most travelers.

There are several more features that can be used in mobiles such as the camera, Bluetooth technology, video conferencing, and the like. However, the major advantage of these devices is that you can use them anywhere you like. Apart from that, you also have the option to make calls from your mobile phone. The major drawback with cell phones, however, is that they cannot provide you the facility to receive calls or send SMS from abroad.

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