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A Review of Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc.

Hillary Cyril



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Applied Industrial Technologies is changing the way we do business. When you sell to Applied, you combine customer service with a proactive consultative selling system to a worldwide network of international industrial distribution leaders. Your background, your preferred uses, and your special experiences that contribute to the uniqueness of your product will help add to your riches. When you sell to Applied, you’ll sell the same high-quality products that have made you a success time and again. When you sell to Applied, you’ll sell the best product available that meets or exceeds the specific requirements of your customers.

The Applied Rubber Product lines are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of specialty manufacturing operations. These products include specialty flow control solutions, high-tech epoxy systems, electrical discharge machining, thermoforming thermoset lubricants, and more. Applied Industrial Technologies offers many lines and options for all types of industries and manufacturing applications. These are just a few of the lines of products that make Applied Industrial Technologies one of the fastest growing and most popular manufacturers in the specialty rubber products industry.

Another product line that is offered by Applied Industrial Technologies is our epoxy system. Our epoxy system provides engineering design flexibility and superior chemical and physical protection to precision parts in a variety of unique applications. Because it requires very little maintenance, our epoxy systems allow you to focus on the core processes of your manufacturing operations, while our specialty flow control solutions and other fluid power components maintain your production efficiency. Whether you’re looking for thermal insulation to protect your hot parts or a complete seal for your cold parts, our epoxy system meets your exact needs. Its unique thermoset lubricant gives you superior resistance to petroleum products and polymers, and its industrial rubber products provide superior protection from abrasive particles and extreme weather conditions.

Applied Tech

One of our most popular products is our high-temperature power transmission lines, available in both 12- and 24-inch varieties. These power transmission lines are designed to withstand extreme temperatures between -100 and + 1600 degrees Fahrenheit and are ideal for the transportation and distribution of hazardous materials. Our heavy-duty power transmission lines feature heavy-duty PVC sectional valves and a unique anti-tunnel liner. The heavy-duty PVC sectional valve offers exceptional thermal performance and exceptional chemical and water resistance, while the anti-tunnel liner and high-temperature insulation ensure safe, clean operation for decades of safe operation.

Our high-temperature power transmission lines come standard with both cold and hot sealing capability and are available in both straight and curved ring configurations. The straight ring configuration allows greater compatibility between the component and the mounting bracket, while the curved ring configuration provides more design flexibility and greater rigidity for maximum temperature range and performance. Either configuration allows you the ability to manufacture and distribute your high-temperature power transmission components and fluids through an entire plant easily and efficiently.

All of our high-temperature power transmission and fluid power transmission products are made in the United States and are certified by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Our power transmission products also meet the stringent global quality standards of ISO, which means that we take our engineering technology very seriously. We believe that quality should be a primary concern when it comes to the design and manufacture of any component in an application, and we work hard to create the safest and most efficient fluid power transmission components on the market. All of our high-temperature power transmission and fluid power transmission products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and an energy rating of 10 megawatts or higher. For more information regarding our line of high-temperature power transmission and fluid power transmission products, or for specific product information, please contact a representative of Applied Industrial Technologies.

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