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A Step-by-Step Guide to BAS Lodgement in Australia





Navigating the complexities of business tax obligations can be daunting, especially for small business owners in Australia. One crucial aspect of managing these responsibilities is the Business Activity Statement (BAS). This document is essential for businesses registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other tax obligations, and it plays a vital role in ensuring compliance with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Timely and accurate BAS Lodgement is not just about avoiding penalties; it also helps maintain a good standing with the ATO, making your business operations smoother and less stressful. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps involved in BAS Lodgement, from gathering necessary information to completing and submitting the form.

By following these steps, Australian business owners, bookkeepers, and anyone responsible for BAS lodgement can ensure they meet their tax obligations efficiently and correctly.

Understanding Your BAS Requirements

Who Needs to Lodge a BAS?

Not all businesses are required to lodge a BAS. Generally, if your business is registered for GST, you will need to complete and submit a BAS. This includes:

  • Businesses with an annual turnover of $75,000 or more.
  • Non-profit organizations with a turnover of $150,000 or more.
  • Taxi drivers and ride-sharing drivers, regardless of turnover.

In addition to GST, your BAS may include other tax obligations such as Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding and PAYG installments.

GST Registration

Determining whether your business needs to register for GST is straightforward. If your annual turnover exceeds the thresholds mentioned above, you must register for GST. You can register online through the ATO’s Business Portal or by contacting the ATO directly.

BAS Frequency

The frequency of your BAS Lodgement depends on your business’s turnover and tax obligations. BAS can be lodged:

  • Monthly: Required for businesses with a turnover of $20 million or more.
  • Quarterly: An option for businesses with a turnover less than $20 million.
  • Annually: Available for businesses with voluntary GST registration.

Knowing your BAS frequency is essential for staying compliant and avoiding late lodgement penalties.

Gathering Information for BAS Lodgement

Before you can complete your BAS, you need to gather essential information, including:

  • GST Turnover: The total sales your business has made, excluding any GST-free sales.
  • PAYG Withholding Amounts: The amount of tax withheld from employee wages.
  • PAYG Installments Paid: Any installments paid towards your expected income tax liability.

You can find this information in your accounting records, previous BAS statements, and the ATO online portal. Keeping accurate financial records throughout the year will make this step much easier. Consider using accounting software to streamline the process and ensure all data is up-to-date.

Completing Your BAS Form

BAS Lodgement Options

There are several ways to lodge your BAS:

  • Online through the ATO Portal: The quickest and most convenient method.
  • Through a Registered BAS Agent: Ideal for those who prefer professional assistance.
  • Paper Form: For businesses that prefer or require a physical form.

Step-by-Step Guide

Online Lodgement

  1. Log in to the ATO Business Portal.
  2. Navigate to the BAS Section: Select the period for which you are lodging.
  3. Enter GST Turnover: Report your total sales and GST-free sales.
  4. Report PAYG Withholding: Enter the amounts withheld from employee wages.
  5. Enter PAYG Installments: Include any installments paid towards your income tax.
  6. Review and Submit: Double-check all entries for accuracy before submitting.

Paper Form

  1. Obtain the BAS Form: Available from the ATO or by request.
  2. Fill in GST Turnover: Same as the online process.
  3. Complete PAYG Sections: Report withholding and installments.
  4. Review Entries: Ensure all information is correct.
  5. Mail the Form: Send to the address provided on the BAS form.

Common Sections of a BAS Form

  • GST Sections: Report total sales, GST on sales, and GST on purchases.
  • PAYG Withholding: Report amounts withheld from wages.
  • PAYG Installments: Include any pre-paid income tax installments.

Lodging and Paying Your BAS


The deadlines for BAS Lodgement are critical:

  • Monthly: Usually due on the 21st of the following month.
  • Quarterly: Typically due on the 28th of the month following the end of the quarter (e.g., April 28 for the January-March quarter).

Payment Methods

You can pay your BAS using several methods:

  • Online: Through the ATO portal.
  • BPAY: Using your financial institution.
  • EFT: Directly from your bank account.

Failing to lodge and pay your BAS on time can result in penalties and interest charges, so it’s important to adhere to the deadlines.

Take Professional Assistance from PND Accountants and Advisors

If you find the BAS lodgement process overwhelming or simply prefer to focus on running your business, professional assistance can be immensely beneficial. PND Accountants and Advisors, based in Melbourne, offer expert services tailored to meet your business’s unique needs. With extensive experience in GST and BAS compliance, PND can help you accurately complete your BAS, ensuring all data is correctly entered and deadlines are met.

Benefits of PND Accountants and Advisors

  • Expert Knowledge: PND’s team possesses in-depth knowledge of Australian tax laws and regulations, providing you with peace of mind that your BAS is in capable hands.
  • Time-Saving: Delegating BAS lodgement to professionals allows you to dedicate your time to growing your business and managing daily operations.
  • Accuracy: PND ensures meticulous attention to detail, reducing the risk of errors that could result in penalties or interest charges.

Services Offered

  • GST Registration Assistance: Helping you determine if you need to register for GST and guiding you through the process.
  • BAS Preparation and Lodgement: Comprehensive support in preparing and lodging your BAS, whether online or via paper form.
  • Tax Advisory: Providing strategic advice on tax planning and compliance to optimise your business’s financial health.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous assistance to ensure your business remains compliant with changing tax regulations.

By partnering with PND Accountants and Advisors, you can ensure that your BAS lodgement is handled efficiently and accurately, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business. Contact PND today to learn more about how they can support your business’s financial obligations.

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