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Administrate: Software that Helps Companies Manage their Entire Operation




Administrate is an online software that helps training departments and training companies manage their entire operation. It included learning management, training management, and course booking software. The software is designed to save training provider’s money and time as it increases course booking, manage operations, and deliver exceptional eLearning.

The training management software includes three main products:

CORE: Training Management System– Core system is a training management system that is designed to handle all training administration task and save time. You can use this product to run your entire business or internal training department.

LMS: Learning Management System–This is Administrator’s highly recommended, mobile friendly and SCORM compliant e-learning program.

WEB: Website Integration – Turn your website into a course booking machine.  It makes your website SEO friendly, accept payments, and automatically update course listings.

Since Administrate is web-based service, you will not be needed to install any software, thus saving you time and money. This allows you to perform admin tasks such as booking clients and managing other processes like evaluation forms, course certificates, and sheets.

Administrate is easier to navigate and to set up. It centralises information and helps users to move away from clunky spreadsheets and database. Being online allows you to access information regardless of where you are.

Administrate has four major benefits.  These are:

  • Keep track of everything –  This includes keeping the data safe, filing and finding your important documents easily, saying goodbye to paper, and  visualizing your operation with reports and metrics.
  • Save plenty of time– The software minimizes duplicate data entry, store everything in a single place, set up automatic emails, automatically update your CRM by email, generate certificates in a single click, create reports quickly, and keep track of tasks and events, focusing on the important ones.
  • Increase course bookings– Administrate keeps your course listings updated, accepts online course bookings, allows easy payment for customers, markets r courses better, configures automated email reminders, gets higher ranking on search engines and uses the saved time to provider more courses.
  • Deliver high quality e-learning– The software delivers content to any device, customize the student experience, easily create powerful reports and set up automatic emails.

Users can purchase Administrate three packages based on the requirements of their business as well as budget. If you are using the software for the first time, a free trial is also provided, allowing you to take Administrate for a test drive.

It is also important to note that Administrate is continually improving. Initially, their reporting system was not good enough. However, its recent improvements, especially in customer service, have enabled users to produce better results.

Administrate is an e-learning solution that has helped small businesses and mega corporation all over the world. Try their free trial and get a feel of their system.



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