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Aerial Cables & Accessories Market – 2019 to 2026 Trends, Growth Analysis & Key Players

Aerial Cables & Accessories Market Introduction

An aerial cable is an insulated cable usually containing all fibers required for a telecommunication line, which is suspended between utility poles or electricity pylons. Aerial optical cables are available in a variety of designs to suit every overhead application. Aerial Cables are supplied as self-supporting including non-metallic ADSS variants. The self-supporting system is composed of 4 insulated aluminum conductors.

Aerial Cables & Accessories Market- Competitive Landscape

Optical Cable Corporation (OCC)

Founded in 1983, Optical Cable Corporation is a multinational corporation headquartered in Roanoke, VA, USA. ABB Ltd. They are leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of a variety of high-performance, top-tier cabling systems for a wide range of industries from mission critical data center applications to live location transmissions for broadcast. The company are pioneers in fiber optic communication by innovating the most reliable, high-performance fiber optic cable in the world.

OFS Fitel, LLC

Founded in 1847, OFS Fitel, LLC a key player in aerial cable & accessories market, is headquartered in Northeast Expressway Norcross, United States, and operates in nearly all countries of the world. OFS Fitel, LLC manufactures telecommunications and fiber optic products. The Company designs and develops fusion splicer, optical fiber, cable, connectivity, and specialty photonics products. OFS Fitel serves customers worldwide.

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AFL Telecommunications LLC

Founded in 2005, AFL Telecommunications LLC is based in Ridgeview Center Drive Duncan, United States. AFL Telecommunications, LLC provides fiber optic products. The Company offers fiber optic cables, conductor accessories, fusion splicing, copper apparatus, rail transit systems, and ancillary products, as well as renders cell site project management, broadband facilities, and detail design services.

Corning Incorporated

Founded in 1915, Corning Incorporated is based in Riverfront Plaza Corning, New York, United States. Corning Incorporated is a global technology-based company. The Company produces optical fiber, cable, and photonic components for the telecommunications industry, as well as manufactures glass panels, funnels, liquid crystal display glass, and projection video lens assemblies for the information display industry.

General Cable Technologies Corporation

Founded in 1994, General Cable Technologies Corporation is subsidiary of Prysmian Group. General Cable Corporation produces energy and telecommunication cable. The Company designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes copper, aluminum, and fiber optic wire and cable products. General Cable serves customers worldwide. It has a global network spanning regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, MEA and South America.

Aerial Cables & Accessories Market Dynamics

Rising demand for very high speed connectivity

The continuously increasing need for 24×7 high-speed connectivity and increased traffic generation from voice, emails, messaging, games, mobile internet access, downloads, video streaming and other services have truly unleashed the benefit of the optical fiber cable network. Knowing the requirement for high speed and 24×7 connectivity, there has been a continuous effort to make the telecommunication network vigorous, future proof and consistent

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The amount of information traveling on the Internet continues to grow as more devices are connected and new applications are developed. Common applications such as web browsing and high-definition video make up approximately two-thirds of this traffic. The greater availability of high-speed bandwidth results in even more. Because the entire system is interconnected, growth in any portion of the network will result in similar growth in other portions. Optical fiber is the only transmission medium capable of supporting this explosive growth.

Enhancements in the network technology in the recent years have actually led to high-speed internet connection and access to all applications which is having larger data requirement, like videoconferencing, audio & video streaming, and cloud storage. Fiber optic cable is the transmission method of choice when designing and implementing a reliable real-time Video Conferencing system without compromise in video, audio and data quality.

Aerial Cables & Accessories Market Segmentation

Based on the Product, the Aerial Cables & Accessories Market is segmented into  

  • Aerial Amplifier
  • Aerial and Video Cable
  • Coaxial Cable Connector
  • Coaxial Cable Splitter
  • Signal Splitter
  • Others

Based on the application, the Aerial Cables & Accessories Market is segmented into

  • Telecommunication
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Others


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