Airport Retailing Consumer Electronics Market Report by Type, Application and Regional Outlook

Airport retailing consumer electronics market is expected to register robust growth in the near future. Boeing has recently reported that the numbers of carrier sales are expected to rise by 46,000 in the next few years. Additionally, infrastructure development activities are in full-swing thanks to a major impetus from China, India, and the United States.

The major economies in the world are investing in infrastructure to make way for major boon for construction of ports, airports, trade centres, among several others. The growing investment and rising consumer demand for souvenirs led by big data technologies are expected to provide a major growth for the airport retailing consumer electronics market. The rising globalization, and increased preferences for travelling other countries continues to create new opportunities for branding and loyalty among consumers.

Airport Retailing Consumer Electronics Market: Notable Developments

US-based 12 ReTech has acquired retailer Bluewire group. The bluewire group famous for its offering of select stores at airports points to a direction in the market. The CEO of ReTech said, ReTech wants to expand high-volume and profitable retail business in the US. The company wanted to showcase its cutting-edge retail technology to other US operating retailers. This is important as despite the potential of sales, the branding opportunities continue to remain significantly important for players in the airport retailing consumer electronics market.

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Airport Retailing Consumer Electronics Market: Drivers and Restraints

The airport retailing consumer electronics market is expected to witness major growth as e-commerce, electronics retailing, and construction boom soars higher. Thanks to the boom in e-commerce, retail centres are increasingly investing in electronics technology to drive growth. Moreover, thanks to myriad of opportunities for branding hotels, nursing homes, jewellery, to consumer electronics are all on offer at airports.

Moreover, as various countries boost tourism programs, airports are engaged in major makeovers with major upgrades specifically aimed at providing commercial opportunities. The rising opportunities, investment, and increased attention towards airports as branding opportunities are likely to drive growth of the airport retailing consumer electronics market.


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