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Are Automobiles Causing Global Warming and Pollution?

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Auto pollution

An automobile is a wheeled passenger vehicle usually used for traveling. Most definitions of automobiles generally say they are designed to travel on the road and most of them seat eight people comfortably, have two seats in the back and four wheels in front. However, there are several more types of automobiles that are available these days. Some of the most popular types are; station wagons, four-wheelers, coupes, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). The type you choose depends on your usage, budget, and space constraints.

An automobile is classified into three main categories based on its construction. First, there is the engine vehicle which includes a gas or petrol-powered internal combustion engine, an automobile with a power train consisting of an engine and transmission, and one place where the engine, transmission, and power train came together. The second category is the battery vehicle which is an alternative to an engine vehicle. The third category is the hybrid vehicle, which is any kind of vehicle that runs on electric power and some also run on hydrogen energy.

Generally, all automobiles are classified according to how well they perform their basic functions and whether or not they meet environmental standards. Cars that exceed these standards and those that perform poorly are said to be high polluting vehicles. These high-polluting automobiles include trucks, buses, coaches, motor vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, motorcycles, SUVs, minibusses, taxis, and buses.

Air pollution

The air pollution caused by automobiles around the world is said to be the number one threat to life on earth. On the other hand, the single biggest cause of death globally is traffic collisions. To put it in simple words, driving a four-wheeler on France highways is like putting a coal mine on top of the Amazon rainforest. Can you imagine what will happen if this happens on America’s highways?

This fact has become very clear to many auto manufacturers around the world. They have been working very hard on reducing the air pollution emitted by their vehicles. As a result, many cars produced in the major auto-producing nations in the world have been redesigned so that they emit less smoke, smog, and carbon dioxide. These cars also use advanced technology such as multiple airbags, air conditioners, catalytic converters, anti-lock brakes, and energy-saving xenon headlights. They also use diesel engines, which are a lot cleaner than petrol engines.

The bottom line is that if you really want to save the world, you should think about switching to a hybrid or electric-powered vehicle. Not only will they help reduce air pollution, but they will also help to reduce the amount of fuel used. This means that you will be doing your part for the preservation of life on earth and your own health as well.

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