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Areas Of Your Company’s Online Presence That Need To Be Managed

Hugh Grant



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The world has changed and has shifted to a more technological-friendly landscape. The online presence of a business is immensely important in today’s global business market. A great online presence can build a reputation of quality for a business of any kind. If you decide to keep digital marketing and website management in-house, you’ll need those with experience. Sourcing this to a digital marketing agency can help drive results while leveraging relationships the agency has already established. The following are areas of your company’s online presence you should have someone on your staff managing. 

The Website Should Be Updated Regularly

The web design of a website will need to be updated over the course of time. Updating the website with important information is essential. This could be a change in hours of operation or an announcement of new services that are being offered. Any announcements of new services should only be done when landing pages have been created for these services. Seamless checkout processes are extremely important and should be very secure. A hack or data leak can lose the trust of customers and lead to them opting for a competitor. 

Content Marketing/PR

Content marketing can be very important when it comes to building a brand that is perceived as knowledgeable. Building backlinks via content can be a great way to drive traffic and search engine rankings. Ranking at the top of a search engine for a competitive keyword phrase will take consistent effort over the years. A targeted strategy can be very effective although larger corporations tend to throw money at marketing. A smaller business can compete with a creative strategy when it comes to content marketing. 

Social Media

Social media is very important as it is a free platform to showcase your company. Whether you are offering PPC services as a digital marketing agency or legal services, it is important to have a social media presence. The platforms that are utilized can be used to post on multiple from one app. Take the time to research the best practices in terms of hashtagging and time of day to post. Gathering data on social media campaigns can provide valuable insights as to what type of posts garner the most attention. 

Management of the CRM

The CRM needs to be as detailed as possible to foster healthy client relationships. Each point of content with a client needs to be listed. Nothing can make a client feel less valued than if a meeting is not noted where important information was covered. A client manager is usually wise to have as they can be proactive with each of the accounts they are assigned. The communication within this platform can make it easy to shift from sales to a client manager or transition from one client manager to another. 

The online presence of your business is very important during all phases of your company. You want to build a reputation and then maintain it through a clever marketing approach and dedication to the customer. Do not ignore the importance of managing your company’s online reputation.

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