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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Artificial intelligence has many applications in modern-day life. It can be used for military purposes, weather control, manufacturing, transportation, business-to-business programming, and much more. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to exhibit behavior that is beyond what we can do consciously. It can be programmed so it will do a certain task, or in other words given a set of instructions and a specific goal and then execute it. In short, it is a tool that enables machines to operate beyond their brains’ capacity.

One area where artificially intelligent robotic androids are currently being tested is at the University of Edinburgh’s Intelligent Systems Lab. Researchers, there are developing an artificial intelligence system called Phytessence Wakame. It uses an extract from Japanese sea algae for its natural sunscreen. When ingested it protects against the harmful UVB rays from the sun.

Now then I ask; can you tell me of any application for artificially intelligent machines? Well, obviously they can help with navigation, planning of operations, task coordination, and of course decision making. Recently there have been some interesting trends in the automotive industry. Toyota, one of the largest manufacturers of cars has recently applied artificial intelligence into one of their new car models. The car, according to reports had “sighed in” before it even started running. This is interesting because prior to this project the company said that they did not plan to make an automobile with this technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Another company working on artificial intelligence is Apple. They are said to be the “groundbreaking” computer company of the decade. They have developed expert systems that allow cars to communicate with each other. When a car has a problem communicating with another car it stops communicating with its onboard computer, which results in the car not getting the assistance it needs from the “brain” of the vehicle. This is the same sort of thing as having someone in the car with a voice saying”you need to pull over”.

In conclusion, artificially intelligent chatbots are not going to replace humans in the labor force. However, if they are properly maintained and made with superior cognitive properties, they will certainly reduce the number of robotic jobs. For instance, consider if you will a self-driving car that was never programmed to do anything other than drive? It would still take an expert behind the wheel to take it out for a spin, but if you have a chatbot in your car that is constantly communicating with you and with other cars it would be much less of a risky gamble to leave home without its driver in the driver’s seat.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms are the future of the labor force. They are here to help us be better, smarter and provide better customer service. So thank you artificially intelligent and machine learning algorithms for everything you are doing. You are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible in the future.

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