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Assisted Living Tech Benefits Seniors and Post-Acute Care Communities




Assisted living technology offers numerous advantages to senior and post-acute care communities and residents. It includes various gadgets that track vital signs, monitor safety measures and offer additional assistance for staff members.

Voice-activated smart devices allow people to change television channels or volume simply by speaking aloud. Other technologies include bed alarms that notify staff when residents emerge during the night, and wander prevention systems that send a signal directly to caregivers from afar.

Video Surveillance

As older generations embrace technology, assisted living communities have begun introducing devices into residents’ homes to make life easier for them. From smart home systems to wearable monitors that detect any health concerns or provide alerts in an emergency situation, these technologies are being increasingly incorporated into daily living arrangements at these communities.

These devices allow staff to keep an eye on patients and residents without being present in their living spaces, remotely accessing medical records to monitor progress of each individual and ensure they receive appropriate care.

This discreet technology can help relieve some of the strain from senior care facilities’ staff, which is often overwhelming. Furthermore, families can remotely monitor their loved ones using this system – making it a win-win solution.

Medication Dispensers

As our population ages, so too does its need for assisted living technologies such as medication dispensers. These devices help seniors who self-medicate manage their prescriptions more effectively by reminding and dispensing the appropriate dose at the proper time.

These devices are built to be locked, rugged and tamper-proof so medications won’t be stolen or misplaced. Furthermore, they offer features like user authentication, data encryption and privacy – as well as being integrated with personal emergency response / electronic home monitoring services.

Dispensers are digitally programmed to notify individuals via alarms, music or visual alerts when it’s time to take their medications. Some dispensers even double as medical alert systems with call buttons that connect directly with caregivers; and can generate online reports for review by caregivers, pharmacists, therapists and physicians.

Artificial Intelligence

Though some seniors may feel nervous about leaving care to a machine, technology can actually prove quite helpful. For instance, some devices offer reminder apps to remind individuals about their doctor appointments or birthdays; saving staff members both time and improving overall care quality.

Additionally, some devices contain apps which monitor senior activity. If they go too long without moving around, the app notifies staff so a caregiver can check on them without having to go directly into their room.

Senior care and assisted living facilities often use multiple mobile devices for communication with family and friends, necessitating robust Wi-Fi networks with ample bandwidth, intentional partitioning, and comprehensive coverage areas. Global Data Systems offers one consolidated connectivity solution which reduces operational costs while freeing staff to focus on more important tasks within their facility.

Remote Monitoring

Many seniors are joining the technology revolution by bringing their own tech devices such as tablets and smartphones to assisted living homes, often demanding that these items be made available to them as soon as possible.

Senior and post-acute care organizations must engage their residents and staff in conversations regarding which technologies are desired, with leadership making sure any new tools don’t simply add workloads but solve real issues.

Locating people who wander off or wake in the middle of the night can be challenging for caregivers, but bed and chair pads that monitor movement can alert authorities with just one push of a button. This technology can prevent accidents from happening while giving families peace of mind that their loved ones are being watched over. TruView can also help reduce infection outbreaks by giving healthcare providers insight into where residents, staff, visitors interact and their movements over time – enabling them to direct cleaning efforts toward the areas most in need instead of applying sweeping disinfection throughout entire buildings.

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