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Attenuator Cables Market Rides on Increased Demand from End Users

Attenuation means any decrease in signal loss, calculated as a proportion of the input signal to output signal. The attenuation cables are designed in order to provide easy attenuation. Whereas the overall amplitude of the signal determined by the amount of attenuation. The attenuation cables are provided with middle slider and jack input socket on one side, an output socket on the other side. Indeed, the middle slider is provided to adjust the signal these cables important in saving users a ton of rack space, moreover works with both audio and CV signals traveling between modules. The attenuation cables applicable in low priced analog cassette recorders and video camcorders to filter the sound. Moreover, these cables can be used to improve the function with any CV or audio signal, further optimize the performance of system. Furthermore, these cables are used for various sectors such as   consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical, and other sectors.

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Attenuator Cables Market – Competitive Landscape

The Attenuator Cables market is highly fragmented with various players. Leading market players are focusing on further innovative developments of Attenuator Cables to overcome existing limits and enhance the operational efficiency.

  • In March 2018, Insulated Wire Inc. announced will supply, phase stable coaxial cable assemblies, it is design to provide lowest attenuation and to operate at 40 GHz. Further, it is expected to use for Ka-Band, including the full range of test and measurement setups probe stations satellite, communications, and other applications
  • In March 2018, Smiths Interconnect has introduced new HC Series Attenuators. This product expected to use for various satellites applications. Furthermore, it is expected to offer 100% flight product testing for mission assurance, and reliability
  • In May 2018, Smiths Interconnect has introduced Q series of coaxial cable assemblies. These cable are designed to provide to meet the rigorous outgassing requirement, resilient to temperature variations, and low loss characteristics. Further, expected to increase company offering

KOMA Elektronik GmbH

Founded in 2010, KOMA Elektronik GmbH, a key player in attenuator cables market, is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. It is a large electronics and manufacturing company in Europe. The company develops equipment for musicians and producers. Moreover, it also invests significantly in research and development to diversify its product portfolio and expand market share

Fibertronics Inc

Established in 2009, Fibertronics Inc. is based in Melbourne, Florida, US. The company manufactures, design, and markets the fiber optic cable assemblies, attenuators, patch cables, custom cable assembly, and other products. Moreover company focus on offering various services and fast delivery.

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MECA Electronics Inc.

Founded in 1961, MECA Electronics Inc. is headquartered in Denville, New Jersey, US. The company designed and manufacture various microwave components including Fixed Attenuators, Hybrid Couplers, Power Divider/Combiners, Bias Tees and Adapters & CablesIsolators/Circulators, RF Loads, DC Blocks, Directional Couplers, and other products. Furthermore, the company provide solutions to various sectors including radar, radio communications, satellite communication, mobile radio, aviation & air traffic communications, telemetry applications, and other sectors

Smiths Interconnect

Founded in 1851, Smiths Group plc is based in London, United Kingdom. The company provides differentiated various electronic components, radio and microwave frequency products, subsystems, and other products. The company operate as subsidiary of the Smiths Group. Moreover, the group serves to various sectors including oil and gas, general industrial, security and defense, medical technology, and space and commercial aerospace markets worldwide


HASCO, INC is based in Moorpark, CA, United states. The company is established in 1983. The company provides crystal oscillators, DC blocks, detectors, directional couplers, antennas, attenuators, cable assemblies, circulators, connectors, adapters, amplifiers, and other products.

Attenuator Cables Market – Dynamics

Growing demand of Consumer Electronics Industry

In recent years increasing purchase power of middle expected to increase demand of various consumer electronics products. Further, anticipated to increase the demand of the attenuation cables for various application in consumer electronics.

Increasing usage of attenuation cable for Telecommunications and Ultrasound Applications

In the recent years, there has been a significant spike in the demand of various ultrasound products. Furthermore, increasing demand of the various communication networks. Further, expected to increase usage of attenuation cable for telecommunication and ultrasound applications expected to increase during forecast period, further expected to boost the growth of the attenuation cable market.

Attenuator Cables Market – Segmentation

On the basis of type, the Attenuator Cables market can be divided into:

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Others

On the basis of end-use industry, the Attenuator Cables market can be segregated into:

  • Telecommunication
  • Medical
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Others


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