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Author Sade Bradford-Bond gives away free copies of debut book for National Foster Care Month




Arizona, May 12, 2020 (  – Author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Sade Bradford-Bond, is on a mission to circulate awareness regarding foster care through her books. She gave away over thirty copies of her debut book, ‘Hope That Remains: A 31-Day Devotional for People Who Experienced Foster Care and Childhood Neglect, Vol. 1’ during the first week of May as a celebratory tribute to National Foster Care Month. A selected group of people, including current and former foster youth, foster care advocates, and people who have an acquaintance with those growing up in foster care classified as some of the recipients of the book.

Sade Bradford-Bond was born in Detroit and grew up in the Michigan foster care system. She spent about 7 years in foster care and aged out when she was 18. She has experience of over 10 years in advocating for current and former foster youth. She has traveled the country teaching practical skills on leadership and advocacy to youth in foster care and child welfare professionals. This exposure led to a career of specializing in encouraging and pushing people to pursue their dreams through constant conviction and efforts.

The story of Sade Bradford-Bond is inspirational in many ways. She has already authored four books to support and encourage the foster care community. Sade’s personal and professional foster care experience makes her one of the best people to circulate knowledge and wisdom on the topic. In the wake of the global Coronavirus crisis, she wants to offer her debut book again to various members of the foster care community to guide and inspire them during these trying times. Visit her website at to find out more about her impulsion of social understanding and transparency. Or go HERE to learn more about Sade’s story. 

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