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BarxBuddy Shares: How To Step Up Your Dogs Training (And How BarxBuddy Training Treats Can Help

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Dog training can be challenging, especially for new pet owners. Professional classes are expensive, and there are so many products on the market that claim to help with training that it can be hard to determine which are legit and which are not.

However, there is an answer! BarxBuddy has released many products built to help train dogs. Products like their BarxBuddy dog training device and their BarxBuddy Training Treats have been used by professional trainers and hobbyists alike.

But how can you use these goodies to train your best furry friend? Well, we asked BarxBuddy to share some tips with us, and now we’re going to share them with you!

Consistency is Key

BarxBuddy claims that you need to be consistent with your pet whether you use their BarxBuddy training device or their BarxBuddy Training Treats. If you are working on positive reinforcement, you need to treat your dog every time they behave how you like.

Without consistency, your pet will become confused about why they get rewarded sometimes, but not every time. The BarxBuddy treats are perfect because they are low-calorie and very healthy. So you can reward your pup all you want without having to worry about their health.

Location Location Location

Many owners make the mistake of only training their pet in one place, at home. Then they will take their dog out and wonder why they’ve suddenly forgotten all of their training.

This can be frustrating and even dangerous. There is a key to training in loud, distracting environments. You have to start slow.

Reward your pet just for paying attention to your commands first, and then focus on more difficult behavior once you have the foundations laid.

Positive Reinforcement Over Everything

If your dog is excited and happy to perform whatever behavior you’d like, then it will have a much happier life. On the other hand, if they are only behaving a certain way out of fear, then they will be under a lot of stress and suffer from quite a bit of anxiety.

I speak for everyone when I say we want our dogs to be happy! Reward good behavior, but be strict with your rewards so that you’re not sending mixed messages.

Learn how to Communicate with your Dog

Dogs can’t talk, but BarxBuddy says they speak to us in other ways. Canines have distinct body language that can be pretty easy to read once you’ve done some studying.

Learning to read your dog’s tail, posture, eyes, etc., is a great way to make your training more efficient and become closer with your dog. Knowing when you need to stop training can avoid burnout and, again, will leave your pup in a much happier state of mind.

Go to the Pros

Training can be very difficult, and not every dog is the same. Some dogs have unique problems that you will not be able to deal with yourself with no experience.

However, people with years and years of experience will know exactly what to do and be able to save you and your dog a lot of stress and time. Professionals are unnecessary, and training will build a stronger bond with your dog. But sometimes, you just need to call in help, and that’s okay too.

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