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BasedAI Staking Boosts PepeCoin’s Appeal

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Pepecoin is back with another exciting update to make its platform more exciting and rewarding for its participants! The new staking bridge is now live, allowing you to earn 1 BASED for every 500 $PEPECOIN per diem—double the rate of the V1 farm. 

To join, users from the old farm V1 must withdraw their funds and click on ‘Bridge Now.’ All your $BASED rewards will be available in one batch at the mainnet launch.

BasedAI Staking



What is the BasedAI?

BasedAI is a peer-to-peer decentralized network that combines a custom-engineered Layer 1 POS blockchain with native subnets called “Brains.” These subnets can deploy various AI models, including zk-LLMs, to provide FHE-grade privacy for the user.

BasedAI “Brains” will be ownable, mintable, and non-fungible assets, allowing anyone to operate one of the 1024 total allowable subnets. Better yet, the only way to acquire a Brain is to burn $PEPECOIN at an ever-increasing rate, starting with 1000 $PEPECOIN or by staking 100,000 $PEPECOIN.

“zk-LLMs” (zero-knowledge large language models) are a new kind of AI model that can process and respond to user requests without accessing the actual data. This is done through advanced encryption techniques. Historically, the major challenge in achieving FHE has been the speed bottleneck.

Addressing this bottleneck is where the innovation lies with BasedAIs and the “Cerberus Squeezing” process. This approach makes these encrypted models remarkably faster and easier to use, enabling truly usable AI with FHE (Fully Homeomorphic Encryption).

PepeCoin: A String of Continuous Innovations

$PEPECOIN, one of the oldest meme coins, offers several benefits. It can be staked for BasedAI and serves as the native token of the Pepe OS ecosystem. Use it to mint NFT creations on Pepe Paint and trade or earn them on the Kek bot. 

Powered by BasedAI, the Kek bot offers seamless trading with rewards for every trade. Train the Kek bot V2 brain to earn rewards based on the creativity of your prompts. The more unique your trade, the more you stand to earn. 

Kek Bot’s Quantum Sniping feature further allows you to outspeed the competition. It’s easy to configure and deploy Kek bots on your own. These bots earn fees and gain valuable audience metrics when their subscribers act on your calls. 

Pepe Paint is another highly innovative offering that helps mint NFTs of a drawing almost instantly by connecting the right wallet. 

Overall, Pepecoin owes its success and thriving audience base to its imagination and innovation. Pepe the frog has become almost synonymous with the spirit of meme culture. And with the BasedAI staking bridge now open, its propositions have become more value-producing for all!

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