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How to do BASIC Seo for your Blog




We live in a world where Internet marketing has become the most important advertising engine and where blogs are inevitable part if we want to promote a certain item, an event or a brand. In a vast of bloggers and advertisement, how to make sure your website is the one which will be seen first? SEO method will help you in such cases. It saves time and money and it is easy for set up.


The owner of the presentation or a blog or the creator of a web page is responsible for good position on search engines. A good position is impossible without high-quality and useful content.

The search engines respond in the same way: you cannot make a single page, optimize it for a very popular keyword, and expect it to be found on a good SERP position. It is the programmer’s duty to present all the advantages of SEO optimization to the owner of the blog or presentation, to explain the need for updating content, the necessity to modify and change certain parts of the content on the page and adaptation to SEO, even if SEO is needed more than design which should be adapted to the optimization itself.

No matter how is a slow and lengthy process SEO can be, it must begin with the first step – the key words. Keywords are the asset which enable your potential client finds your site. The words that a potential client types on Google to find a product / service that you offer are exactly the words that must be found in the text on your site.


Not only one word is meant under the “keyword” (“real-estate”, “optimize”, “car” …), but there are also phrases. Moreover, it is preferable to have the keyword phrase than one word, because nowadays the users of the search engines type phrases instead of a single word.

Thus, “real estate New York”, “search engine optimization”, “used cars” would be quite a good choice of keywords and website optimization for their business is relatively easy and rewarding to do. Keywords are the essence of the search and optimization.

We are still unable to force the search engines to react to our thoughts or desires. Search engines perform according to what is given to them. Your keywords are in charge for the results.

Tips and tricks

First thing first, install a solid VPN which will help you with anonymity, remote control, unlocking websites and bypassing filters and, of course, it is cost efficient.

Use links. Leave as many links to other sites that will be connected to your site. Such links are called “inbound links” and Google loves them. When other sites are linked to yours, Google can observe it as if your site is more important than another websites. It also means that whatever you do on your web pages related to SEO, will have more effect.

Page titles. Page titles appear in the title of Google results. It is good to make headlines so that explains what is on the page, but also contain the keywords. Google allows 70 characters for the title of the page, so you need to think carefully how to spend these. Remember that every word is important so choose right.

Page descriptions. When you search for something on Google, the text which is not bolded and can be found below the title is called a page description. Google allows 155 characters for your OPSI website. Use the same rules that you used in the previous paragraph, but keep in mind that these 155 characters represent the mini advertisement for what you want to be found by the visitors of the blog or web page.

Page contents. The power of keywords slightly widens at your entire content. Although Google searches do not contain a complete copy of your website, Google will rate it and compare whether it agrees with the title of the page and description. It would be useful to Google matches 300 words on your page, or even 500. Make sure your keywords are 3-5% of your site. However, do not exaggerate with keywords, arrange them nicely to look natural.

The more pages, the better effect. A blog is a great way to make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly articles that Google collects and displays. Not only that more pages give Google more information that you indexed, but you will always have a website with fresh content and that is definitely what Google likes.

If you follow these small rules, you will make sure that your blog is among top searched and viewed pages on the Internet. Remember, Internet space is huge and the competition is high. However, you can always find a place for yourself and your web page if you know how to adjust it.

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