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Benefits of Green Web Hosting for Your Business




In 2017 there is no longer a single hint of doubt that the future of our planet is collective responsibility of every individual, organization and business in the world. Speaking of the last one, there are more than a few ways in which your business can go green and through it become even more profitable. First, you can look for a way to reduce the number of consumables you use (paper, ink etc.). Second, you could try to reduce the amount of power your office consumes (LED bulbs, low-power appliances). Finally, you could try to make even your online efforts much more eco-friendly by going with green web hosting.

What is green web hosting

Before we even start, it is vital that we define this very term green hosting. Even though web hosting seems as something completely abstract, in order for the digital world to even exist, it needs to be run on some actual hardware. If these hardware pieces are specifically designed to consume as little power as possible, then the host using them gets labeled ‘green’. The same thing can be achieved if these hardware pieces are on a grid powered by a renewable energy source (wind, solar or water power).

Green is not enough on its own

Of course, there is another thing you should bear in mind. At the end of the day, you are running a business and your website and blog are usually the most important part of your online struggles. You see, going green is great as long as that particular host fulfills your other terms as well. What you also need is to have as much uptime as possible, 24/7 available customer service and of course, some positive user reviews (to help you make up your mind). Furthermore, for practical reasons, you might want to look for hosts that are nearby. Additionally, you may want to check what kind of website migration service they offer, in case you need it in the future.

Getting labeled green

Another great advantage of going with a green host is that you will get labeled ‘green’ in no time. Apart from getting some good karma and saving the world in the process, your clients will be able to see your earth-friendly company values in practice. Talking big about saving the earth one Watt at a time is one thing, but actually doing something to contribute to this thought is something completely different. Needless to say, you can include this into your digital marketing efforts and this way, gain some hard-earned extra points. Apart from this, you also get to lie down at night knowing that you have done your part.

Don’t stop there

In the end, there is no reason for you to stop at hosting. While this particular step will seriously reduce your company’s carbon footprint, there are so many other ways in which you can help Mother Earth recover. Recommend this step to your clients and partners, and find a way to associate yourself with other earth-friendly organizations. This way, you will create a green network that is bound to be beneficial for everyone. After all, there is nothing more profitable than a truly eco-friendly business.


Keep in mind that no matter how much you do for this cause, your work will never end. The only way we can see some progress is by asking: “Is there a way for me to do even more?” Going with green web hosting may not be the most efficient way to save the planet, but it will definitely contribute to this cause.

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