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Best Types of Baby Monitors

Vasid Qureshi



Baby monitors come in a range of styles, from audio-only models to smart ones with video, Wi-Fi connectivity and health and safety analytics.

Finally, it’s important to find the baby monitor that meets both your needs and budget. Keep reading to discover more about some of the top-rated models, their features, how to use them effectively, and advice from parents who have actually used them.

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Baby monitors are essential tools for any new parent, and can be invaluable during sleep-training. They alert parents when their infant needs a diaper change or has difficulty sleeping, providing them with the peace of mind to take care of their little one.

When shopping for a baby monitor, there are plenty of options to choose from – video, audio and heartbeat trackers. But finding the one that meets all your needs can seem like an impossible task.

Finally, select a system that fits within your budget, is user-friendly, and provides features you desire. While not every feature may be necessary, some are definitely worth considering:

The Hatch Rest+ is an app-enabled baby monitor with several great features for both parents and babies. It boasts impressive sound filtering, a lullaby player, and an easy-to-use night light that can be remotely controlled.

It also features two-way talkback, which can help your baby get the attention they need in the nursery or during playtime. Furthermore, the sound indicator on the parent unit is an invaluable feature: It lights up to indicate your baby’s room noise level even when the monitor is muted.


Another useful feature is the monitor’s belt clip. This enables you to move the monitor hands-free when leaving your baby’s room or going outside.

Some baby monitors also come equipped with a temperature gauge, which can be invaluable if your infant frequently gets colds or has high fevers. While this feature may not be commonplace, it’s worth checking into for added peace of mind.

The VTech DM112-2 audio baby monitor is one of our top picks due to its affordability and superior sound quality. It boasts DECT 6.0 encrypted digital audio with up to 1000 feet range, volume control, belt clip charging ports for parent units and low battery indicator.

Two-way talkback and a noise level indicator make it an ideal choice for hard of hearing parents. We were particularly impressed by its high sensitivity microphone and crystal clear, crisp sound quality.


Baby monitors have become an increasingly popular choice for parents, providing peace of mind while they’re at work or out and about. Not only do these monitors keep your little one safe, but they can also make life simpler by offering features such as night vision and zooming in on your child.

One of the most popular baby monitor types is video. These models offer plenty of features at a reasonable cost, such as large screens, night vision and pan/tilt capabilities in various positions.

Some video monitors also come equipped with motion and movement detection, which can be especially helpful for alerting you when your child has stirred or moved. They may even be set to automatically wake you if a noise or certain movement occurs – particularly useful as they grow older and begin exploring on their own.

Generally, most video monitors feature HD video and can clearly display a picture in low light conditions, making them perfect for watching your child as they sleep. They usually come equipped with an expansive lens to cover the entire cot and may even feature night vision capability to help you see your little one even when it’s pitch dark outside.

Another feature to look out for is Wi-Fi connection. These monitors will connect to your home Wi-Fi and then stream their video feed directly onto a smartphone or tablet, giving you more functionality than non-Wi-Fi models.

They’re more likely to be password protected, which can reduce the risk of cyberattacks. However, these devices require your phone to be always on in order to use them – which can be handy when away from home for work or having a sitter look after your kids while you’re at work.


Some monitors also feature a movement sensor that tracks tiny movements throughout the night, which can be helpful if your child’s breath doesn’t respond to alarms. While these aren’t replacements for actual motion monitors, they can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind if your little one tends to sleep through the night.


Smart baby monitors come in many forms, from audio-only models to those that utilize a camera and WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring of your child. Some even track your baby’s breathing and sleep patterns for added peace of mind.

The ideal smart monitors are user-friendly, easy to set up and operate, offer clear video and sound quality, and are reliable enough for your busy lifestyle. Some models even provide health and safety analytics so you can tell if your baby is sleeping soundly or has any potential risks.

It’s essential to note, however, that smart baby monitors cannot replace certified medical supervision. That is why you should always consult a doctor before altering your baby’s sleep patterns in order to avoid any potential issues, according to experts.

You’ll want a monitor that provides all the essential features, such as checking in on your baby remotely (from home or away) and sharing the live feed with other family members. Wi-Fi-connected models tend to be more expensive but give you greater flexibility and control over your infant’s safety.

One of the most advanced monitors I tested is Cubo, a WiFi-connected device with artificial intelligence built-in to track your baby’s sleep. It can tell if they have rolled over, cried or stood up. Plus, it has motion detection and “danger zones,” which allow you to create custom areas in the room that will alert you when your child enters them.

Another fantastic feature of this monitor is its capacity for up to four cameras, enabling you to quickly switch between them. This can come in handy if you have multiple children living at home or if one sibling lives with you as well.

The Wyze was designed as a home surveillance camera, so it boasts plenty of great features that will help monitor your baby’s safety at night. It boasts color night vision, two-way audio, pan and zoom capabilities as well as 12-second clips. Plus, the Wyze works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant too!

Split Screen

If your family consists of multiple children, a baby monitor with split screens might be beneficial. These systems enable users to view two cameras at once on one screen, saving time and effort in the process.

They make it simple to check on your children without having to leave one room and go to another, which can be especially beneficial for parents with twins or multiple children in different rooms.


Some of these monitors even come equipped with features like temperature monitoring and lullabies, which can help ensure your children remain secure and content while you’re away from home.

Many of these monitors are Wi-Fi compatible, meaning they can connect to a variety of other devices. Some even feature VOX activation — which turns on the screen when your child makes noise.

These monitors are an ideal solution for new parents who are concerned about their babies’ safety. Not only do they often include temperature monitoring and lullabies, but you may also find models with features like night vision or remote zoom capabilities.

The ideal baby monitors offer a wide viewing angle to help you monitor your child from all sides. Plus, they come equipped with quality infrared night vision so that you can keep an eye on your little one even in dark rooms.

These devices should have rechargeable batteries and a power-saving mode to conserve energy. This is particularly beneficial for parents who must monitor their children at night.

Monitors can be vulnerable to hacking, so it’s important to take necessary security precautions when using them. These include having a closed circuit and using passwords or other log-in options that cannot easily be guessed.

This will protect your home network and baby monitors from hackers. Furthermore, make sure to utilize a secure network and firewall so that intruders cannot access the devices.

Monitors such as these can also be used for watching pets and elderly relatives. With a battery that lasts up to 8 hours on full charge, these monitors should be able to be left plugged in.

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