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Blockchain & Bitcoin conference Prague: Oleg Kudrenko, Independent Bitcoin developer




Q/ Tell us about yourself and motivations in bitcoin and blockchain space?

My friendship with the IT world started very early. Back in the 7th grade, I read my first book on programming. As of 17 years old, I started earning money with that. Over the past 10 years, I’ve managed to work literally with the whole world. I saw many technologies and projects, but when I faced Bitcoin, I was stunned. The forethought and independency of cryptocurrency ecosystem are striking, the way blockchain solves tasks never executed before is mind blowing. I also am thrilled by the number of consensus approaches and how beautifully they are brought into life. After all, we are always searching for consensus, be it an agreement about the vacation destination, or president elections, you know. Blockchain is really fascinating, and I am glad to be part of this community.

Q/ What do you expect to see at blockchain & Bitcoin conference Prague?

I am looking forward to meeting new interesting people, share what I know and get new knowledge. Maybe I’ll open new opportunities for a business and this will raise someone’s profits. Or, I’ll be able to make someone in love with this technology, as Max Krupyshev did that to me once, and this person will contribute to the ecosystem later on.

Q/ What type of services exist or can we expect in the future?

I foresee a new type of profession balancing between developer and lawyer. Those skills would be perfect for a person to create smart contracts. I also think of cloud builders that will help people to create software using blockchain, as easy as playing Minecraft or Lego.

Q/ How do you compare Private blockchain versus Decentralized Blockchain?

Private blockchain can be created as an extension on decentralized blockchain. Otherwise, it will lose the most important property of a blockchain — inalterability. Roughly speaking, private blockchain should pass its status to the public blockchain. In any case, private blockchain is not possible without a public one.

Q/ What are the details around the most important project you’re working on currently?

Currently, I am working on internal projects powered by CEX.IO exchange, with a team of the best and most experienced specialists. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose any details because of the company’s policies.

Q/ How does the competition compare?

The competition is always the same, regardless of the field. Bitcoin and blockchain industry experienced a very rapid growth, and lots of players emerged on the market over the past years. Still, there are many untouched niches in cryptocurrency field.

Q/ The market has many players, what differentiates you?

There are many accomplished technical specialists and lots of skillful businessmen. However, very few individuals are good both in business and technology. That is my advantage on the market.

Q/ could you tell us more about your achievements in this?


Being a technical specialist, I have many speaking engagements behind my back, I am mentor and judge of various contests, and I’ve been getting awards in programming and math since school times. As a business expert, I am a member of Young Business Club and often consult businesses in terms of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Within my web studio, I’ve been working with clients from all over the world and am proud of their projects.

Q/ could you tell us more about where you see Blockchain technology in the future?

As blockchain doesn’t allow to change anything recorded on it, I think it will help to erase corruption in the future. In my opinion, this technology will become ingrained in CRM and ERP. It is solidly integrating with certificates. The Internet of Things world will use it as a communications channel. And this is only the top of the iceberg.

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