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So you want to be a successful blogger, right? When we started blogging, we were also clueless. We did not know how to run a blog. But goods news: it’s very easy. We have learned a lot from successful bloggers and blog readers.

The following tips will prove to be useful   for bloggers:

Get ideas from your readers

Try to create blog posts that answer questions that your audience might be having. Engage with people in social media such as Facebook and focus on topics they want. Interacting with people is a great way to collect ideas of what topics your audience would like to read about. Consequently, this will help your blog to grow.

Know your audience

Know your readers better than they know themselves. Initially, you will be required to do a thorough research. Often, this means being a member of a group of people you’re trying to lead.  Understanding your audience better will help you to have a better idea of what your blog content should entails.

Write for yourself first

It is advisable to write for yourself first. Just ignore that someone will read what you are writing. Focus on your ideas, opinions and thoughts and figure out how to reduce that into words. Write it and an audience will come. Do not publish something based on the reception it will receive from your audience. If you want to publish something, just do so.

Take care of your existing readers.

You should learn to appreciate the readers you already have. Many bloggers are obsessed with looking for new readers. They even reach to the point of ignoring their existing readers. Though it is important to find new readers, you should show your current readers that you love them. Focusing on your readers is the best way to understand them better. That way, they will help you develop your blog.

Be consistent

Consistency is very important for bloggers. It is easier to lose traffic than it is to build it. Therefore, make sure you are consistently blogging.

According to Hubspot study, consistent blogging leads to higher subscription rates. Bloggers that publish their content daily add more subscribers than those that add content once a month.

Stay true to your Voice

People prefer following people to sites. Although the writer’s voice is over-looked, it is very important in blogging. Writing is not just choosing the right topic. It is also about getting the right voice. People are more likely to be interested in how you say something than what you say.


 Be patient

Plan to blog for a long period before you see any return.  The web is a big and noisy place.  You will not find success if you are not willing to invest more over a long period of time than others. If you want overnight success or a quick road to recognition, blogging will frustrate you. But if you can stick to blogging for years, with no results and constantly learning and improving, you will eventually achieve something remarkable.

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