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Bluetooth Technology Moves From Mirrormask To Mobile Connectivity

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Bluetooth technology is an extremely short-range wireless personal communications technology replacing the conventional cables connecting electronic equipment, enabling a user to have a wireless telephone call through a headset, take a wireless personal alarm clock through your pocket without wires, and synchronize data from a smartphone to your computer, all with the same basic system. This technology is widely used in cellular phones, handheld PCs, laptops, netbooks, and other consumer electronic devices (PDAs). However, it was originally developed for the medical industry to aid the monitoring and treatment of blood pressure, heartbeat and oxygen levels. These monitors use the Bluetooth specification to send patient-specific data to a base unit or primary monitor and to communicate with the ECG or EKG equipment, which in turn receives the data. In theory, then, this technology should not be limited to personal communications as it also has applications in the security forces and in mobile computing.

As well as medical uses there are several other consumer areas in which Bluetooth technology can provide users with great benefits. The range of potential applications is enormous. With this technology you can: – Connect your PDA to your laptop – Take a call with a friend without having to hold the handset close to your ear – Organise your day with a mobile device that allows you to access contacts, calendar, and notes directly from your smartphone – Control your home environment with a device that offers Wi-Fi internet access – View maps, weather forecasts, and news online – Play MP3 and Audio files directly from your phone – Control your television and access home networks and digital cable boxes directly – Access internet on a laptop that is connected to your home network

Bluetooth is also becoming the primary means of wireless connectivity for numerous mobility devices. One example is the Blue tooth model which is used to provide mobile connectivity via Bluetooth to computers and other devices with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. This new technology provides real-time communication between Bluetooth-enabled devices and is expected to increase in functionality over the coming years. Another example is the Smartpen which is capable of providing short-range wireless connectivity and acts as a virtual personal digital assistant to its users. It allows its user to take notes, browse the web, take telephone calls and streamline work by synchronizing calendar and contact information.


For businesses that incorporate Bluetooth into their business or product, they can create a range of new possibilities. One example is the adoption of smartcard scanning technology within a business environment. Smartcards can be used to scan documents and images such as manuals and presentations in order to provide instant access to the information that the document or image requires. This could allow an employee to check a device they need to access on their computer or a device in the office that requires them to input a token through a reader. When a document or image is scanned it can be accessed immediately without having to open the document or image again which can significantly reduce lost data and reduce loss of time.

The development of Bluetooth wireless technology has paved the way for small electronic devices to communicate with computers and other electronic devices. This has created a completely new realm of mobility within the business environment. With this form of wireless technology, any type of electrical device can become a part of your life if you need to use it. Due to its extensive range and the variety of devices that can communicate with it you will find that using Bluetooth technology will benefit your business immensely.

A common use for Bluetooth technology is for cell phone connectivity. In some cases, a cell phone will require a certain frequency band in order to operate. If a device does not have this frequency band it will not respond to calls and messages. The Bluetooth specifications state that any device that requires this frequency band will be able to communicate with electronic devices. This means that a Bluetooth-enabled telephone will work even if it is not a Bluetooth headset.

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