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Breaking the mould of traditional thinking and mindset acceptance of innovation in Moldova




Debates: Brief 10 minute introduction presentation to be followed By oxford debate by panelists Q/A with the moderator and Audience


Lee Gibson GRANT, Drachmae Project

Marc PILKINGTON, University of Burgundy, Director of Moldova Tours 2.0

Pieter van YSSELDIJK LL.M. MSc., Golnaz A. JAFARI LL.M.

Mariana Gurghis, MiLab


Objectives: To discuss the latest technologies and employment options based on qualifications, and answer some of the following questions. Whether the curriculum is up to global standards or lagging behind. Are there modernisation options available through technology? Do the teachers have adequate and correct resources and funding? Does the curriculum need to be modified to accommodate the global speed of innovation and changing job requirements? Could alternative courses be presented via E-Learning to enhance education?


Objective: Introduce services that have been implemented, and the use of services in the light of international governance requirements, i.e. how does Moldovan E-Gov compare to other jurisdictions like Singapore and Estonia. A presentation on Georgia as the first government to run a land registry on the Blockchain, and what impact this could potentially have on E-Governance.

Digital Currency/Blockchain Regulation and Legislation


Objective: Bringing Moldova up to speed on blockchain technology, and how digital currency impacts regulation and legislation in the global sphere. What are the current trends?

Economic Stimulation and Inward Investment

Objective: Opportunities concerning the Free Economic Zones in Moldova. What are the target investors and why? What ICT inward investment opportunities are there, and the human resources Moldova has to offer? How does blockchain add to the picture, and how can Moldova compete in this regard with the likes of Dubai, Singapore, London, and Silicon Valley? Why do the Moldovan Free Economic Zones play a crucial role?

Room 303, Block F, Asem. Each debate is held between (14:00-17:00)

About DTMA: “Distributed Technology Moldova Association”

DTMA has been created to inform public debate, influence the design of jobs and growth-friendly policy and regulation for Moldova, to educate the public and to provide a fact-based source of media comment as peer-to-peer Digital Currency & Blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin, gain wider attention.

Blockchain has already expanded into multiple types and complementary technologies that are also based upon the novel concept of The Blockchain. Such innovations will continue to emerge as a wider ecosystem evolves in the years to come and we aim encompass all relevant future developments as and when the landscape dictates.

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