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British and American English Relations – “Be” Vs “I Be”

Hillary Cyril



Travel is the movement of individuals between far away, often unknown geographical locations. Travel is an international act; it is done by air, sea, land, or on any other mode, with or without personal luggage, and is usually one direction or round trip. The need for travel varies from person to person: it may be a vacation, a business trip or a social function, a sporting event, or an educational trip. Generally speaking, most people have the desire for travel, but there are certain groups of people who are more likely to try out a particular travel experience and become avidly addicted to it. Such groups include honeymooners, adventurers, tourists, military personnel, royalty, and celebrities.

Honeymooners are people who go on a tour or travel to an exotic location to spend their honeymoon. Common destinations for honeymooning include the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Thailand, the Andes Mountains, and Hawaii. Many honeymooners choose a destination that is away from the typical tourist attractions, as this gives them the opportunity to experience a different culture and lifestyle. Another interesting aspect of honeymoon tourism is that many newlyweds like to make use of the services of a professional travel agent, who can arrange all the necessary arrangements for them on their behalf. In fact, the honeymoon industry is big business today, and there is a considerable amount of money to be made for those people who can arrange special packages for their clients.

New cultures are always very welcoming and receptive to new ways of doing things. When people travel from one place to another, especially if it is for business or pleasure, they tend to meet other people and try out new foods, traditions, and customs. In addition to introducing them to the new cultures, they also open up their new homes to these foreign strangers, who in turn are often extremely welcoming and hospitable. For these reasons, both long-term and short-term travelers find that when they take part in short vacation travel agencies, they get to experience a more homely feeling than they would if they stayed behind.


Short-term travel agencies are very popular in the United Kingdom. People who are on short business trips but who want to experience a different type of culture, language, and lifestyle can go to one of these agencies and be introduced to the country’s people, its food, and its way of life. There are plenty of agencies that deal in short-term vacations, but not all of them have the right facilities and the expertise to cater to individual needs. Some of these travel agencies have only one or two branches in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. If you want to experience a truly British experience, it is important that you go to an agency which has branches in some of the larger towns and cities, as well as in more remote areas.

The British English language is very much related to the American English language, despite being a very different language. This is because the two languages share lots of common words and phrases. An interesting fact about this relationship is that the word “be”, which is derived from the English verb “to be”, is also related to the English root noun “be”. So, even when you read “I be in London” in American English, you will also encounter the word “I be in Britain”. This example of a link between British and American English shows how much the two languages have in common, even when spoken differently.

An interesting example of a British relationship with American English comes from the use of the word “be”, which is usually associated with the United Kingdom, with the word “ondon” as the root noun. When you read “I be in London”, what do you get? A form of the verb “be” combined with the words “in”, “on”, “included” and “after”, creating “I be in London with a single vowel following by a rest”. So, when you see “I be in London with a single vowel following by a rest” next to a photo of someone with a British accent, you can pretty well understand that the person speaking the sentence is British, not American.

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