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Byat Memecoin Presale is Going Live on Feb 20th 2024

Ahmed Raza



In the dynamic realm of Solana’s meme coins, one name consistently rises to the forefront – Bonk. Against the backdrop of Solana’s challenges from FTX and widespread FUD, its meteoric success paints a narrative of triumph and underdog resilience. Unforeseen by many, Bonk not only weathered the storm but soared to unprecedented heights, propelled by the inherent potential of the Solana ecosystem. Enter Byat ($BYAT) – “Bonk Goes Gyat,” a meme coin crafted as a tribute to Bonk, pledging unwavering support through thick and thin. With a presale scheduled for February 20th, we’re closely examining Byat to ascertain its investment potential.

Undoubtedly, the realm of cryptocurrency is not for the faint-hearted. Meme coins, in particular, carry inherent risks. Those contemplating an investment should conduct thorough research, given the prevalence of rug pulls and exit scams in this space. We urge readers to delve into the project intricacies and team credentials before considering any investment.

Our exclusive interview with Byat’s creator, “Bubble,” sheds light on the vision behind this crypto venture. A Web3 software engineer and fervent crypto enthusiast, Bubble aims to infuse innovation into the space. Drawing from experiences with Bonk and other Solana meme coins like “MYRO, WYNN & GME,” Bubble emphasizes that meme coin success is earned through community participation. Byat stands out by rewarding its community through meme contests, frequent AMAs, and weekly discussions, recognizing the pivotal role of a robust community and a sound reward system.

Key features and goals of Byat include:

  • Bonk Symmetry: Bringing profits to those who join the Bonk party late, creating a positive correlation with Bonk’s market.
  • DEX Offering: Pairing with $BONK, allowing $BYAT to mirror or surpass the trajectory of $BONK.
  • Bonk Reserves: Pledging to maintain 13.3% of its value in Bonk holdings, transparently visible on its website and wallet address.
  • Community Prioritization: Rewarding the most active, highly voted, and beloved members with BYAT & BONK.
  • Interoperability Goals: Aspiring to build products interoperable with Bonk’s existing successful offerings.

Byat’s strategic partnership with Save Elon Coin ($SEC) for its presale adds a layer of credibility, leveraging the latter’s presale dApp. The presale, set to commence on February 20 at 2 AM UTC, beckons careful consideration. While we refrain from providing financial advice, the association with a proven winner like Bonk positions Byat strategically. As the adage goes, DYOR – “do your own research” remains paramount in navigating the intricate world of cryptocurrency investments.

Check out Byat’s Presale at

For more details, email [email protected].

Media Contact

Company Name: Byat Coin

Contact Person: Bubble

Email: [email protected]


City: Seattle

State: WA

Country: US

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