Incent Loyalty Token Tackles $65bn Rewards Industry

2016-10-01 0

The Incent token crowdsale launched today, offering a merchant-backed loyalty token enabling instant, transferable rewards that hold real-world value. Cryptocurrency directory and merchant hub BitScan has partnered with custom blockchain token platform Waves to create a new Read More

The Need and Rise of Digital Currency

2016-09-29 0

People have been searching for quite a long time to find alternative forms of currency. This quest for alternative led to the WIR Bank in Switzerland and the Ithaca HOURS system in New York. It also Read More

Can the Bitcoin be a reserve currency?

2016-09-18 0

The sky-rocketed popularity has given birth to an intriguing question; could Bitcoin become a global reserve currency? There are number of things to consider. As a reserve currency, it can’t be printed with regulations from government. Which Read More

How Your Bitcoins Are Being Kept Safe?

2016-09-17 0

It is said that bitcoin users are considered to be easy targets for hackers. But what about companies that are storing bitcoins? Sites, such as gambling sites and stores where you can trade by using Read More

Bitcoin Users: How Safe Are You?

2016-09-10 0

Few years back, Luxembourg University conducted a research where it was clearly demonstrated that your identity can be discovered as you use bitcoins for purchasing online. The reason for insufficient safety measures is that the Read More

Understanding Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

2016-06-24 0

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange (like any other currency) which uses encryption techniques to regulate the security of transactions and generate new units. There are several types of cryptocurrency including Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ripple, Primecoin Read More

What you should know about Fintech

2016-02-29 0

 Tech is disrupting the world in more ways than ever before and finance is one of those fields. Fintech is a word derived from finance and technology. It means the convergence of finance and enabling Read More

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