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CBT Proxy Services is Enabling Busy Professionals to Get IT Certifications Without Making Any Compromises

Ahmed Raza



CBT Proxy has reached the milestone of passing over 7000 proxy exams—with a 100% pass rate and a 0% detection rate.

Their proxy exam services—where subject matter experts remotely and securely sit exams on behalf of aspiring students to ensure their pass—cements a career-opening opportunity for professionals and parents who can’t afford the time off to prepare for exams themselves.

The services are for the guaranteed completion of any of the 500+ world-renowned IT certifications—from CISCO to AWS, CompTIA, and more—ensuring students pass without taking more time off or having to pay to re-sit their exams.

While the new milestone deserves laurels for the zero-detection proxy software itself and the pool of experts gathered for every notable IT certification, the biggest achievement is the consolidated opportunity for professionals & parents in a time when it’s become harder than ever to secure a job in IT.

Amidst these economic headwinds and mass tech lay-offs, CBT Proxy allows talent to impactfully step ahead in their career—by securing them a badge of excellence without requiring them to leave their current work or the care they are providing for their family.

At this time, an IT certification isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ thing to add to your resume”, explains Vansh Malhotra, CEO of CBT Proxy. “It can be the difference between someone getting a job or not. And we’re committed to enabling people to improve their livelihood with affordable, transparent, and reliable proxy services.”


With rigorous proxy software ensuring zero detection, CBT Proxy’s remote service ensures security and confidentiality for students at every stage:

  • Pay After You Pass: to remove any hesitation that’s naturally there for proxy services, CBT Proxy unique offers ‘Pay After You Pass’.
  • Pay in confidentiality: for those who don’t want to share the names on their cards can pay anonymously via crypto.
  • Guaranteed security: supplementing a zero-detection proxy software, customer support guides students step-by-step on what to do on the day of the online exam.

Covering over 500 IT certifications, these proxy services start at 200USD and are done at a student’s chosen date & time. For more information, visit their website at:

About CBTProxy 

CBTProxy’s new milestone doesn’t come without an extensive background. As one of the most long-standing proxy service providers in the industry, operating since 2016, their service brings together:

  • A pool of subject matter experts: the 100% pass rate is largely because of real, qualified experts sitting exams on behalf of students
  • An in-house developed software: 0% detection requires software that securely bypasses any online proctoring—a hallmark of CBT Proxy
  • Responsive and friendly support: always being just a message away from students, their dedicated support team is there for clarity and guidance

Learn more at:

For more details, contact Vansh Malhotra from CBTProxy at +1 (415) 830-6004 or email [email protected].

Media Contact

Company name: CBTProxy Limited

Contact person: Vansh Malhotra



Phone: +1 (415) 830-6004

Email: [email protected]

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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