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ChangeNOW issues its own NOW tokens

ChangeNow, a fast and easy exchange service that provides simple cryptocurrency swaps without the annoying need to sign up for anything, launches its own NOW tokens.




ChangeNow is a fast and easy exchange service that provides simple cryptocurrency swaps without the annoying need to sign up for anything. Moreover, it supports the greatest number of coins among any other exchange service. The ChangeNOW team is  constantly enhancing and improving the service by adding state of the art new features. In addition to all this, ChangeNOW is issuing its own NOW tokens to make the user experience even better. NOW tokens will serve as an internal currency within the platform and will bring significant benefits to its holders, such as :

  • Special rates for all exchanges and any exchange amounts 
  • Exclusive fixed-rate exchanges
  • The fastest possible technical support
  • The best deals on affiliate programs (higher income potential and less withdrawal restrictions)
  • Participation in various ChangeNOW promotions and campaigns 

The entirety of the tokens (200 million) will be issued on May 21, 2018.  ChangeNOW’s token distribution will start in the following way: 

  • 30% – 60 000 000 tokens – gradual airdrop for exchange users and affiliate partners
  • 10% – 20 000 000 tokens – proportional airdrop for EOS token holders
  • 10% – 20 000 000 tokens – allocated to advisors and bounty programs

ChangeNOW will be distributing 30 000 000 NOW tokens over a period of 30 weeks (1 000 000 every Monday). Each week participating users will receive NOW tokens in proportion to their transactional amount relative to the total participant transactional amount that week. 

For affiliate partners, ChangeNOW will also be distributing 30 000 000 NOW tokens  (1 000 000 each week) over the same 30 week period, proportional to their turnover. Tokens will be sent to their ETH wallet.

The ChangeNOW team strongly believes in the exciting future prospects of EOS blockchain. Therefore ChangeNOW is considering the transfer of NOW Tokens to the EOS network after the launch of its mainnet, providing a 1:1 ratio for ERC20 token holders. ChangeNOW will provide a swap mechanism to exchange ERC20 tokens to EOS-based tokens.

In order to encourage crypto enthusiasts and enlarge the community, ChangeNOW will run a bounty campaign. The participants will be rewarded with ChangeNOW tokens for finding bugs, content creation and other activities. 

The bounty starts on May 21, alongside the launch of NOW tokens, and ends when all allocated tokens have been spent.

The gradual airdrop will  start on May 28, 2018. You can find the Roadmap, Whitepaper and any other information at Follow ChangeNOW on Twitter to not miss anything!

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