Coco Color – World’s 1st Coloring Stylus

About 2 years ago I gave my daughter Coco a pink capacitive stylus. She told me it was broken. What she meant was,  it didn’t color in pink on her iPad. So I created & manufactured Coco Color – a coloring stylus for Tweens to Adults.

You don’t need technical knowledge to use Coco Color. You just have to love coloring and doodling. It comes with 768 different Color/Style/Size stroke combinations; Works on iOS7+ & Android 4.0.3+ devices, No need for Pairing, Just press buttons to color & doodle.

Coco Color Stylus iOS & Android –

Taking Coco Color “On the Go!” means parents don’t have to pack tons of coloring pens, pencils, pastels, paints or even coloring & doodle pads. Coco Color is all that in one stylus. Coco Color is mess free fun. Parents support maintaining motor skills during screen time and digits are good for holding stuff, including a stylus.

Coco Color On The GO! –

It comes packaged with 2 great Apps – Coco Color Voyages (coloring) & Coco Color Doodle (doodling). Both Apps use our unique Ooze coloring feature. Hold a Coco Color steady on the screen & colors will start to Ooze. If filling an Excel cell is like a slap in the face, Ooze is like a facial massage.

Coco Color Voyages & Doodle Apps

Since both parents & children can color the same App content at their own appropriate level of details, it means they are truly communicating together through the medium. For once, screen-time is shared together holistically and not merely acting as a babysitter in an electronic world of connected isolation.

You can’t bring an App to a birthday party, or wrap one up as holiday gift. At our Early Bird discounted offer of S$29.99  (including free worldwide shipping), Coco Color is a unique gift for any family. Its designed to enhance the art experience during screen-time, and puts control back in your hand.

Coco Color Company Limited is a startup, registered in Hong Kong.


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