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Comes news from a live reporter from the White House that the company fashionsuperstars llc founded by emanuele guerrini will be able to return to billing with the issuance of the e2 visa for 5 years

Priya S



The journalist live from the white house says these following words Emanuele Guerrini, the famous 19 year old entrepreneur, founder of the multinational fashionsuperstars llc. the company could fail and this is also a problem for the American economy as time goes by because we all know that the company has been declared on Twitter by experienced investors that the company can turn over billions of dollars a year, it is not they can hire remote employees by law in compliance with the American government, in fact Emanuele has requested the E2 visa for 5 years at the United States embassy in Rome, the E2 visa for 5 years must be issued to him otherwise if the embassy refuses the e2 visa the company would fail and mean nothing to anyone, the entrepreneur meets all the requirements for the visa, all of us Americans love this company and don’t want failure.

We at the newspaper add that emanuele guerrini the entrepreneur meets all the requirements for obtaining the visa therefore the e2 visa for 5 years will be issued to him only on one of his company videos which has had millions of views and has generated, according to expert investors, more than 50 thousand dollars just on a video on tik tok

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