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Communication Technologies

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Communication Technologies are a term used to describe the different communication technologies in use today. This is a constantly changing field with new innovations being introduced all the time. Communication is a critical part of everyday life and it has changed significantly over the years, both socially and in the workplace. Information and communication technologies is a broader term for communication that emphasizes the interaction of electronics and information, and the role of communication in everyday life. Communication is used in all places from personal to business and has helped to shape our society and our economy. It is important to be up-to-date on all communication technologies.

Some of the major communication technologies include voice and data cabling, networks, computer networks, electronic mail and faxes, computer networks, Internet, email, video conferencing, and telephony. Voice and data cabling refers to the physical infrastructure used to connect voice and data networks, computer networks, the Internet, and other information technology devices. Networks refer to high-speed networks and their use is necessary to allow users to access stored information and perform other activities.

Communication Technologies are changing at an alarming rate as the information technology world develops at a rapid pace and global communication and distribution become even more vital in our everyday lives. As a result of these developments, Communication Technologies are also changing rapidly. Some of the Communication Technologies being introduced into the marketplace today include mobile phones, pagers, modems, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), wireless networks, digital telephone services, instant messaging, and video conferencing among others.


Smartphones have been the biggest boon in terms of Communication Technologies. They are not only used for calling people but also for accessing the internet, accessing social media websites, playing games, taking pictures and videos, and so on. There are many communication technologies that can be made possible with a single simple smartphone. Some of the latest mobile communication technologies that have been launched with the help of smartphones include: – GPS Navigation, – Bluetooth, – Wifi and Airplay – Fast Network Speed – Data Transfer – High Definition Video and Audio

Mobile application development has also seen a lot of development in the Information Technology sector in recent years. This includes the likes of Text on Phone, iCloud, and Gmail. Smartphone application development aims at making mobile phones capable of performing a host of tasks that previously were only possible through the development of computers. This is just the beginning as new communication technologies are being developed on a daily basis and there is no end in sight as new gadgets and phones are launched to add to this list.

Communication Technologies are very important and form the foundation of how we communicate with each other. Therefore, it is important that Communication Technologies are developed in parallel with the advancements in the information technology sector to create the most efficient system of communication in the world. It would be unfortunate if new communication systems were developed before the world has even learned to adapt to them and create a more integrated civilization. The United Nations, along with all of its stakeholders, can contribute to this development by researching and investing in Communication Technologies.

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