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Critically analyze the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns

Abdul Samee



Introduction: Advertisers and marketers use these social media tools to target these young adults, reducing customers’ resistance to advertising messages by hiring the celebrity endorsers. A social media influencer or celebrity is a kind sort of celebrity endorser that many firms hire on social media platform like Instagram; an influencer is someone who has gathered a small number of following on social media by producing the precious content related to fashion, beauty, food, travel (Petrin and Train 2010). Social media sites’ main source of earning is from providing the businesses an option to promoting or market their products to specific audiences on their platforms (McFarlane, 2021). In consideration of word-of-mouth marketing, anyone can have some impact.  Nevertheless, a very smaller percent of users are super-sharers and suitable the depiction of social media influencers (Baker, Donthu, and Kumar 2016). As the users on social media increased, some individuals produced quality content on their own. Over the time, these individuals gained devoted followers and created themselves as social media influencers, getting attention of businesses seems to effectively reach their target audience. Marketers got social media influencers attractive because they provided customers with authentic information that was absent from the market. (D’Alessandro 2017). By using blogs, tweets, and other social media platforms, social media influencers are a new source of independent third-party endorsers that shifting or changing the opinions of their audience (Neff 2017; Sloane 2016).

Research Questions

  1. What impacts do many sorts of influencer marketing programs (as placement of product and sponsored content) have on the customer behavior & perceptions of the different brands?
  2. What elements or fundamental factors, applied to different platforms and populations, create influencer marketing tactics successful or unsuccessful?
  3. What are important contaminants in the procedure of measuring the its effectiveness of influencer marketing programs?

Literature Review: Over the prior ten years, many literature studies on influencer marketing have been published, the majority of which have targeted on a particular aspect: industry, or target audience. Insite of the fact that digital world created it simple for common people to convey their ideas, it was considered as original and attractive. It grabbed the interest of their following them, and the content that became famous (Alic, Pestek, & Sadinlija, 2017). Influencer marketing came to light as a strategy in the current marketing era as an output of user-generated content and social media influencers grabbing the attention of consumers and marketers in a same manner. This influencer sort of marketing is the procedure by the help of businesses attracts people who have a few followings on social media to suggest their products, and persuading the potential customers to think for a purchase (Müller, Mattke, & Maier, 2018).

Methods: the first methodology used is process of five steps 1. Database strategy selection 2. Search results and its initial screening 3. Refine the results 4. Doing descriptive statistics 5. Doing the bibliometric analysis to know the current status advancement in the influencer marketing. In another article the Compared, the qualitative method is more sensible and appropriate approach. In other articles, the quantitative approach was used: surveying to get info consumer response, intentions, brand perception, and its impact on influencer marketing.

Data collection: in creating the theoretical background the secondary data was collected from the books and internet surfing. Sampling technique was implemented; taking a sample from the total population. And the quantitative technique random sampling was used. Bibliometric analysis, Online surveys to know the customer demographics, semi-structured interviews with influencers & customers regarding their overall purchase behavior. Big data approach to find influencers’ content strategies and answering a few questions. Pre and post release observations

Results: the Influencer marketing has enhanced in importance as a source for businesses to convey message with their targeted audience or population. Companies reach out influencers to endorse their goods because they believe influencer marketing will boost up the sales. In addition, what are the constraints related to influencer performance. Knowing the trends in consumer perceptions, discovering the main elements influencing the influencer marketing success or its failure. Also providing the practical insights to the marketers to best enhance their influencer tactics and to optimize its impact. The other finding was that the influencer tends to open up his/her personal and professional stories.

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